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Jack and Jill went up the hill...

"It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away." - lyrics by the BeeGees that I live by and strive to inculcate in life


Jack and Jill,

Were curious to go up the hill,

To fancy the valley beyond.

Jill proposed a trip,

And Jack agreed in a skip,

But their elders wouldn’t let them wander.

Every day that hill loomed,

Every night that valley called,

To two little children who knew better.

Keep your heads down and plan,

Keep your eyes averted and pack,

Wait to get away, for this stifling town will murder.

Wait and wait and wait some more,

Because conforming to this town’s rules,

Was never in their soul.

Jack grew tired over time,

And Jill entertained death,

Till both of them were choking with every suffocating breath.

It was getting too much,

Something had to give,

So Jack and Jill finally climbed up the hill.

The journey was surprisingly short,

And most of their baggage had to be dropped,

But reaching the summit was bittersweet.

The air resonated with their core,

The valley was vibrant,

But neither was prepared for being so frightened.

They stood on their precious summit,

Rocking forth and back,

Till they shouted ”Fuck it!” and took leaping steps ahead.

The road down had unexpected obstacles,

The road along had delightful new companions,

The road led a unique group of people to the valley beyond.

And oh! What a valley it was.

With its streets lined with colour,

Its houses made of hopes.

But the greatest were the inhabitants of all.

They had open arms and joyous smiles,

Stowing away their weapons,

The travellers were welcomed like war veterans.

It was a curious way, a staggering outlook,

But for the then Jack and Jill,

This was far more than they could ever feel.

Happy and content.

Safe and welcomed.

A home that they had finally found.

The valley lit up in celebration.

Few neighbouring places joined in too.

But many remained engulfed in shadow, like their previous abode.

So as the sun went down, promising another day,

The inhabitants again took up their weapons,

To continue defending their way.

For every lost soul that finds their way to this haven,

There were monsters galore,

Bidding their time or directly striking,

Because they couldn’t let this ‘abomination’ abound.

It was saddening and heartening to be a part of this community now,

But Jane and John swore to not hide anymore.

They took up weapons and vowed to protect their community,

They would bloom to the very best that they could be,

Till they can finally scatter away with all their pride.

© 2021 Sanjana Mahanta

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