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Locked In A Thought

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Is A Real Thing

When our brain focuses

It is not always in our control

It can go from the past to the present in a split second

Riding the highs to the real down lows

It can mean trouble

Think of all the thoughts we have encountered

Each leaving us with a different feeling

These feelings come and go

They can drive us to success

At the same time crush us

So small like dust

We may see it happening

We may even understand each feeling

Then feel powerless in that very moment

I have always tried to guide my feelings

To a more positive place

I have experienced a very shocking and unbelievable

Roller coaster ride

It is always up to us to decide

How much is too much

How to turn this sinking ship around

If we ride it out to the end

We may crash and lose everything

This is life

We hear all about what makes someone succeed

They hang on

Even after everyone else is long gone

Hold on snoopy, hold on

I keep trying to review each situation

Let the bad in my life fuel my inspiration

There is a fine line

That is so easy to cross

It can bring us from goodness to lost

In a blink of an eye

There is no one guide

To help us navigate through dangerous waters

There are many constants in our life

That keep us grounded

For me they are eating, working, sleeping , making love, friendships and comedy

These are a few of the main central themes

Then there are some thoughts that are on the fence

Hobbies that we enjoy

Writing and reading

Work so well for me

Sports or other activities that we recieve great satisfaction

Running years ago now just walking

Some thoughts criss-cross and fall in multifple catagories at one time

It is always our choice

To completely stop

Even after we worked so darn hard

Long after the sun has dropped from the sky

Burning the late night hours

We can constantly second guess our every move

Then again we can pat ourselves on the back

Do what we can

To close the gap

To make enough things make sense

To carry the rest over

Like a number in your head

When doing complex and difficult long hand addition problems

Calming the voices in your head

Streamlining your way

To a better day

it might be what you always wanted

Now you have it in the palm of your hand


You have just done

What most of the world will never do

Reaching far into your strongest gut feelings

Let them surface

Like the white blue caps

Of the beautiful ocean tide

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