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Lockdown Lowdown


My own take on lockdown and the changes I hope we make


Some of us have got to shield

as ill health takes a hold.

Some of us are left tear filled

as they say we’re too damn old.

The rest must social distance

but some think they can be bold

They offer up resistance

and won’t do what they are told.

We are all in this together

as we watch as things unfold

We must work with one another

to keep this disease controlled.

It’s my mother’s 90th birthday

but no kisses like before

I must now ring the doorbell

and leave her present at the door.

She tells me stories of the blitz

and the sights that she has seen

How she used to jump with fright

when she heard that loud siren.

But daily life was normal

no such thing as quarantine

It never took away her freedom

like this covid-19.

You keep in touch with video call

as you’re not allowed to meet

You give your friends emoji hugs

as a virtual way to greet.

Social media is the new escape

With the lockdown videos

they help to keep us all amused

with their fun scenarios.

This new norm has its good points

with the change in attitude

watching people help each other

and their show of gratitude.

I hope when this is over

it’s a new world we embrace

A world with more caring

and compassion commonplace.

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