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Liz Poetry

I have built a wall so I won’t be hurt

A fortress is what I thought I need

Protect my soul, my heart to keep

I cannot bear another knife so deep.

Do I pretend that I don’t care

Do I feign - didn’t smile again

When I met you I felt the charm

Oh yes I heard the bells alarm…

Oh dear my heart did summersault

Be still my heart, don’t get involved.

Friends are what we’re supposed to be.

Our friends didn’t think what we can be.

What big surprise for us both

Didn’t realize, no warns at all

It wasn’t meant to go this way

Our paths weren’t supposed to go astray.

There was a line we should not cross

But cross we did, it’s not our call.

There was something I can’t explain

I never knew, it all just came.

How can I lie, how can I hide

The smile, the glow even if I tried.

Not walk but glide, all things aside

So clear to me, I must decide.

Do I admit first to myself

That yes I did, I really fell.

Do I break down what wall I built

To let you in, I don’t trust myself.

I let my guard, I let it down

Started to trust that you have found

The key I hid from everyone

I let you in, don’t let me down.

You hold my heart, it’s in your hands

What else is there , give it a chance

A chance to smile, a love to last

Life’s too short, I dare not ask.

And so the story now begins

A chance to see where it all leads

A certain magic, a lot of faith

A lot of trust we cannot break.

My heart my love look at me

Look in my eyes what do you see

It’s all there for you to find.

Yes, no more walls, nothing to climb…

© 2018 Liz Mistica

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