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Living the Rock Star Lifestyle

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Always been fascinated by what it meant to be a musician

Sadly, cannot carry a tune or play an instrument of any kind

Just have to pretend that talent poured through my veins

When it in actuality, could never compete with Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton

Longed to live a life of uniqueness like David Bowie or Prince

Fantasized about what it would be like to live such an existence

Willing and eager to entertain the masses with your art

Sacrificing yourself and laying in on the line each night on stage

Realized that reaching such unparalleled heights had a downside

Your privacy was thrown to the wolves and gobbled up by vultures

An afternoon snack just to simply prevent them from feeling hungry

Never seemed to last in appeasing the huddled masses

Who longed to have their pound of flesh; even if it meant your sanity

Brought up to the top of the mountain and allowed to reign supreme

Unchecked and ungoverned for far too long by normal standards

Slipped into the decadence and vice grip of the drug fueled 1970s

Where it floated through parties and everywhere else

It was considered to be fashionable; not knowing what it truly cost

Became also a fact of life in the 1980s that led to more trouble

A way to mask the pain and loneliness with being top of the heap

Wondered where rational thought and reality pushed into the backseat

Haven't slept much in years and looked as if lost in a minefield

A survivor of the Hollywood fame mill that loved its stars

Even in the most fleeting of moments; until the next big thing arrived

Realized that it was better to live beyond burning brightly for a moment

Enduring a solidified legacy of talent and being a survivor

Might not seem as glamorous as tragic figure who made it and died

Likely becoming a member of the "27 Club"

Wasn't a point in becoming another statistic instead of a legend

Understood that musicians also had their problems

And throwing money onto the fire didn't help matters much

Time to find a proper balance between living a full life

Mixing it with living a responsible one carefully

Okay, to take chances, but not to play Russian Roulette with it

One day you'll have to pay the Piper and they won't take no for an answer

Collection Day will come whether you like or not

Choose wisely.

An artist who went to the edge and lived to tell the tale.

An artist who went to the edge and lived to tell the tale.

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