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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #9

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


When the lady was sad about the whole issue and news her sister asks her not to be

Saddened but to leap up for joy because the Almighty has taken away from him impending

Danger. When she told her sister that she wants to go and see him for herself, her sister

Discourages her from going to him saying she should forget about him and chart a new

Path for herself. Her contact with some other friends also revealed that they were toeing the

Same path that she should not bother her head going to see him for if she sees him and saw

His new status, she may for a long time not be herself again and they would not want that

To happen to her, he is dying and she should leave him to die gently, your seeing her some

Added may even add to the sorrow in his heart, it is better you do not go to him they

Counseled. After many deliberations with people as it is said in a holy writ that

For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there

Is safety she decides to do what the people have been counseling her to do, not going

To see him neither waiting for him again. From her, evil has been averted she reasoned

That was how she gets involved with someone else and forgets about him. People’s report

About his health have not changed, and some people too have decided that they will not

Be visiting him again for every time they paid him a visit they are saddened. He was

Left alone with his parents and other siblings. He was in the position for a whole year,

At the fourteenth month, he dreamt a dream in the dream he saw a man in white apparel

Talking with him, he was telling the man that the agony is too much and he prefers

Dying to living, that the white apparel man should let him go. But the man says, his time

On earth has not lapsed as he has more works to do on earth before he leaves the world

When You Believe ft. Mariah Carey

Therefore, his request to die would not be granted. He now raises the issue of the pain

He is passing through that is this how he shall continue to be in pains and suffering? The

Man replied that for that reason he has come with healing balm to heal him, as he said this

He opened the balm and gave it to him to rob on his body. He was saying he is too weak

To rob it on his body, but the man told him that he is not that spiritual is different from

Physical that he should try it. He dips his index finger into the balm which he started applying

On his body, intriguingly he discovers that he was able to rob those on his body. After

Rubbing the balm on his body, the man then poured certain thing on him which resembles

Oil and declared that today you have been healed and evils before thee have been taken

Away. After saying this, the young man woke up. And he discovers that he is sweating

Profusely from head to his toe. He knows that changes will come over his body. When his

Parents entered they saw that he has woken up, and sweating, they stayed by him. First thing

he noticed was that some pains he used to have he was not having again, and then the

Appetite that he has lost, he started regaining for before he cannot decipher between the

Foods that he puts into his mouth, he started deciphering the foods he puts in his mouth

He is yet being assisted to his feet by people, but not like before, as he also could

Stand without aid now, but though weak and was being tossed by air, he will need support

Not to fall down. This changes followed one another and he recovers fully. It was during

The period of his recovery that he asks about his fiancée and his parents could not

Answer him all they can say was that he has had no special female visitor who introduces

Herself as his fiancée during his recuperating period. All those who have been visiting have

Been his co-workers and some ladies who are living in the same compound with him

Where he was living. When he heard this he was yet not satisfied and was waiting for when

His cousin would visit the island again to ask of his fiancée from him.


The quoted place is in Proverbs 24:6


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