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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #8

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He has become frail by the time he was living the place he was working such that he

Has become a shadow of himself and people were uncertain of the nature of the sickness

Some were saying it is cancer while some are saying another thing. Since the sickness

Has defied all healing methods known in the island that he lives, people had no option

Than saying the sickness is cancer, for it is cancer that has no treatment, they said. The

Pupils of his eyes were yellow, there was rashes all over his body and he was passing watery

Stool, his skin has become pale, peeling off at some areas. The lady felt for her love

When he was been carried back to his parents and while he was being assisted to move on

The lady was gently talking to his ears that she will wait for him and would also come and

Visit him soon. She wishes him quick recovery. People were greeting his spouse, the

Lady for staying by him all these while and counseled that she can go and visit him later.

She is a wonderful lady many said for hardly could one find a lady like her who will stand

By her spouse like that, the person she has not been married to, she has nothing at stake

With him, if she gets out now she will still find many handsome and wealthy people who

Will come after her seeking for her hand in love and marriage, the people say. While some

Add that that is what is called love. Love is full of patience and endurance, a lover

Should be able to stand by her or his partner come what may, the people say. In this

Generation and day, no one wants to exercise that kind of love, some people say. Well

She has then become a good example for many a one to follow others added. These and

Others people are saying about the lady and of how she has stood by him during the time

He was in the island, spending and being spent for his quick recovery, yet nothing happened

Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans - Count On Me

There was no changes. After the guy has been conveyed to his island, his parents started

Taking care of him, consulting the gods of what could probably be the cause of the illness of

Their beloved son. The gods that the priests represent would not say specific thing about the

Illness other than what happen happened for a reason and with time they shall know

The reason why the gods have allowed such to befall him they tell them that he will recover

From the illness and would not die. They believed what the priests have said unto them and

Are looking forward to his quick recovery, but that would not happen as the guy’s

Sickness grew worse. During this time, his friends where he is working and some members

Of staff of the company he was working with have taken their time to come to his village to

See him if there are any improvements. But they noticed that there was no improvement

And that the thing is getting worse by the day. They returned to their island sad, thinking that

May be the last time that they will be seeing the Young man. When they got to their island

His love which has not visited them asks of his welfare if there are any improvements and

She was told that there are no improvements and if anything the thing is getting worse. On

Hearing this she left in a sad mood. In the meanwhile during this period one of his aunts has

Been telling her that she should forget all about the guy and look for someone else for

She has tried her best for him when he was in the island, she should not carry his load on

Her head while dragging her own loads on the floor. When those people returned and they

Told her sister that his situation has worsened, her sister told her that it is better that

What happen happened to her now, for assuming they had been married and that happened

She perhaps would become widow at her tender age and in their island hardly would one

Find a man who will marry a widow for they used to say they are the ones who have

Killed their husbands.