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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #7

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About six months after this, the young man who has turned to 25 years left the island

For another with one of his cousins. There he started to work and he starts making new

Friends. All his new friends are engaged and they asked him if he has a spouse or nay. He

Replied them that he has none, and that according to the culture of his land he needs

To be guided before taken such step, for he cannot just get involved with anyone for that

Could spell a doom for him. His friends would not agree with him and would tell him

That there is nothing like doom in being romantically involved with someone one

Loves. They told him that the Creator has given him eyes to see, brain to think and he

Should make use of those to get someone for himself a beautifully created damsel for

Himself in the new island that he now lives in, he should forget about the past,

Forget about the theorem of their island he is living in a new island, he is in a new

World they had emphasized to him. But he would not yield to their counsels as he

States that what he has known he cannot say he does not know about now. When

Those people see that he does not want to toe their path they left him to his own thinking

And hoping for when he would say he has dreamt a dream about the person he shall

Be romantically involved with. They continued their friendship and sometimes after

This he started dreaming dreams about a lady very close by in the new island. The dream

About the lady was also not truly clear, thence he could not say what the dreams really

Meant. Then an opportunity to travel to his island presented itself to him again and he

Traveled with his cousin to their island. On getting to the island, he was able to see one

Of the priests of the High Priest he is the one he has positioned in the island to be attending

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People as he has moved finally to be living at the island where his fame has been

Proclaimed by his helper. On getting to the son of the High Priest he told him what he

Has dreaming about and the son of the high priest interpreted his dream to him telling him

That the gods of love is telling him that the lady he is seeing in his dream is his’. He will

Again visit some elders who told him the same thing about the dreams. It takes

Him a while to comprehend this because this is not in tandem with what he has been told by

The high priest, he will wait for years and probably decades that was what the high

Priest said when he met with him before. However, his mind eventually convinces him that

He did not emphasized that he would stay for decade it may mean that the gods have had

Compassion on him and they had brought the answer closer. However he notices that

There is no common grounds between him and the lady in question. This he will raise with

One of his aunts and the person told him that it is not a necessity that there be common

Grounds between a guy and a lass before being in love. She says it is when they started

Seeing each other that they shall be discovering their common grounds having resolved those,

He traveled back to the island where he is living and started to familiarize himself with the

Lady in question. Things changed for the man as the lass also catches up pretty well

And they started going out. His friends were happy for this development with him, telling

Him that they are now equal, it is not as if one of them is going out with his fiancée and

You will be feeling somehow because you do not have a fiancée. The intimacy

Between them was great that some people became envious of them. when they thought

Everything has been settled between them, what they do not think of happened as the

Young man took ill. The illness was severe, lasting for months this makes his cousin

To take him back to their island for his parents ask that he be brought back to them that he

Shall be healed when he gets back to the island.


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