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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #6

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


As the young man was about to close his door, he calls him back, dressed up and

Went to the young man. The young man was grateful that he could come out to see him

Despite the tight schedule of the day. Then he narrated everything to him and what he was

Told how his spirit has not given him rest and he has to come to his abode but he has

Left the island then and what he eventually decides to do afterwards. The man would ask

Him of the beautiful damsel and he told him that he has gotten married, the high priest on

Hearing this becomes silent for minutes, shaking his head that it is unfortunate that he

Could be trapped in the web of false priests. That they had told him lies and had wrongly

Interpreted his dreams unto him. He was deeply sorry for him interpreting the dream for

Him telling him however that, he still has chance of making things right albeit not with

The lady again since she is married, but he will need to have patience for years if not

Decades before he would find a good partner. Those too have been enmeshed in all the

Dreams he dreamt, that the “gods” have factored in mistakes and have made provisions

For that because he is one of the beloved of the gods of the island. If he could endure the

Hardships that he will pass through among other things that may surface, he will get someone

Who will make his heart glad always. When he sees the person he may not want to be

Involved with him because of what he is passing through and perhaps because of the status

Of the lady, but something will happen that will bring them together and when this happens

Never had a dream come true lyrics

They will never regret their coming together. After which they will be married. He

Concluded with him. He was happy for all he said, thanked him again as he left his place.

The beautiful damsel too was not finding things easy with the wealthy man, the former

Love he was expressing to her he could not express again because of business he is

Always preoccupied with his business, he has stopped being romantic, stop cuddling her,

Stop showing his love to her. He will not come back home early and he will leave very

Early for work. The lady was not happy with the man she was not enjoying the marriage

As she has hoped she will enjoy the marriage. One day that the man comes home early

She calls him to talk with him and it was during this period that the wealthy man told her

That he was madly in love with her beauty and having made inquiries into her life, he

Has applied wisdom to get her, and the wisdom was contacting the priests of the island to

Convince her to marry him. When he was saying this, the woman thought she was dreaming

As she uses her palm to rob her face, saying could this be true, then the man says it is

True as long as you have you money in the land anything is possible he replied her. Then she

Busted into tears. She started flashing her minds back to what has happened how those priests

Have presented the matter so convincingly to her. As she continues to sob, the man left

Her then the lady thinks she will look for the Young man whom she has been in love with to

Talk with him of what she has heard. She searched for him and got him and told him what

Her husband told her. The Young man also tell her that he has confirmed the same from

The High Priest and it was quite unfortunate that they become the victims of lying prophets

We should have followed out instincts and ignore what we heard the lass said. The young

Man told her that makes no sense crying when the head is off. The deed has been done,

Well perfected by those people. You should continue to endure with the man and we should

Bear it in our minds to tell our children in the future that when they found someone they

Really loved they need to give it all it takes to be married to the person. The lady left him



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