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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #5

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


On getting to the island that was when the man calls him and talks with him that he

Should let bygone be bygone, she has seen her error and has regretted the same that he

Should please take her back. After much talk he decides to take her back. There was joy

Written all over her when this happened. The people of the town too were elated for this

Development stating that this should be a lesson for people who because their spouse are

Suffering would forsake and or divorce them. nothing is permanent in the world, lives

Of people could change any time they continue to say. Since then it has become a song

In the land that as the “gods changed the lives of the priest to become high priest and having

Retinue of attendants the gods should be merciful to them and change their lives”. However

Before the man leaves the island, the still voice inside the Young man who wants to be

Married to the beautiful damsel still urges him to see the high priest to straighten things out

Then he summons the courage inside of him and left for the man’s new place as he has

Moved out of his former place and has built a new house with several rooms for the

Children of the high priest and he also built a big hall where he used to lecture them on

Things of the gods. It has become a school and there have been young people in the

Island who want to be his follower. To become his follower is not an easy thing as you

Will face the priest in charge of the admission and he is the one who will grill and drill you

If you passed the tests, then you become a member but if not, you return to where you have

Come from. Other priests of the island could not but marvel, while he has now overtaken

Them all and they have become as nothing in the island, those who are erstwhile been

Celebrated by the people of the island are no longer celebrated again. There is nothing they

Could do about this, because the wealth of the island he has neither touched nor

Reduced because of him, in fact the leaderships of the island want to offer him things

And he has turned it down that he does not want what they want to offer him because the

Abba - I Have A Dream

“Gods” have proved to him that being sincere, truthful and knowing what one is doing

Really pays off, although it may take years before that happens but it really pays off. Those

Priests have nothing to say about him other than agreeing that he is really their head in the

Work. Well, he has told them not to think he is their head that it is just fate that has

Brought joy across his path and it is in his strong belief that something like that could happen

To any of them too. Yet they will not admit but would say he is their leader. They cannot not

Attack him other than going to him for consultations and counsels on some issues. So

Before he leaves the island the young man has seek for means to meeting with him but he

Cannot meet with him because of the new status. He has to meet with his followers. On

Seeing the follower who has been assigned to be answering people the Young Man

Implores him to please allow him to see the High Priest. The man told him that he will

Try his best for him but according to instruction he is not allowed to do that. He tried

To talk with the master who told him that he should tell him to come on a certain

Date. On the chosen date, his colleagues from the island have paid him a visit to give

Him an award for being good representative of them all over the world. He has called

His right-hand man to get the award and talked with them at length. By the time he

Will finish with them he has forgotten the appointment he has with the Young man who

Has been around all the while. When he finishes he returns to his abode and was to rest

When the man came to him about the Young Man and he told him that he should go

And tell him that he wants to rest.