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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #4

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She stifles her conscience for fear and started imagining that what she heard may be what

The young man has heard that makes him change his disposition towards her. This was how

The conspiracy theorem that has been shared among the priests was established and the

Young lady and the man have been lied to and their courses of love and being together

Have become deviated in the island. The priest would tell the wealthy man what they have

Done and the need for him to expedite action because delay may be suicidal. The wealthy

Man expedite his action and contacts the beautiful damsel. Having been worn over even

Before he gets to her, it was an easy ride into her life for him. What he couldn’t dare do

Before, because he knows the kind of lady she is, people have talked about her a lot.

Everything seems to be going on as planned between the two love birds in the island and

The people have been congratulating her for getting attached to a wealthy person and the

Wealthy man as well because he has found paragon of a beauty. As the custom of the island

They would not delay the issue again and the wedding takes place in fanfare and there

Was much joy in the island. But deep within the lady she was not comfortable she still feels

Something is amiss, while the young man who wants to be married to her too also believes

Something is wrong, but none of them could place it right. The third month after their

Wedding, the Priest who does not compromise his stand visited the island, now in with

People who have taken him away as his life has changed and he is now rich and he now

Has different followers, called the sons of the High Priest. He is called the high priest

While his followers are called priests or sons of the High Priest. The people marvel at the

New changes that have happened to him within a short time and are saying it is good that

Fly By Midnight - Waking Up

One meets with one’s helper in the world. the Priest has located his helper in the world

And his life has changed. His helper was not within the island. While others mock him

Within the island, while none recognizes his talents and office in the island, people outside

The island recognizes this and values it and are paying for his services in hard currencies.

The people of the island were surprised, they do not know where to place his case other than

Thanking the gods for his life. Now his wife who has taken his children away from him for

Long started sending people to him to beg him for her to take her back for she also has

Not been married to anyone she has stayed alone where she has moved to. The High Priest

Would not listen to the people she sent to him to beg him that she has hoped and wished

Death for him she neither wish anything good for him nor hopes for better things for him

Why would people want him to take her back he states. The wife covertly consult with some

Of the priests of the man and they told him that the person who could convince their leader

Is the man who took him out of this island for he cherishes and respects the man a lot.

They implored the wife to do all it takes to seek the man out, adding that they have only

Come for a while that very soon they will leave the island, in fact their coming around to his

Island according was at the insistence of the man, who says since his life has been

Transformed he wants the people of the island to know that what they do not value are

Being valued outside and he has made it. After much pressure on him by the man that was

When he decides to come with them to the island. What she should do they told her is to

Travel to see the man who will help her out for he used to talk to him about you. The wife

Was elated for their counsel and the following day travels to the island where his helper lives

Begging the man to help her talk to her husband. After the man had chided her he decides

To help her and travels to the island with her


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