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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The man is one of the best priests in the island according to statistics and popular opinion

And he has over the years also grown to respect him, thus, he also could not believe the

Second voice that was rearing up itself inside of him that what the priest was saying was not

Correct. He thanked the Priest for his time gave him what he has for people must not

Go to the priests in an empty hand. After he has gotten out of the place, the small voice

Inside of him would not let him rest, and thence the voice asks him to consult with other

Priests for solution to his dreams. He contacted other priests but they all told him same

Thing that he needs to forget all about the damsel if he does not want to regret ever coming

To the world. However, the still small voice inside of him has told him to go to a Priest the

Priest is the unknown type in the island and not many people take him to be a priest too

For he has nothing and was living alone. His wife had left him when he could not cater for

The welfare of his wife. After the wife has left him he remained unmarried and was doing

His things alone in his small apartment. Now by the time he will get to the house of the

Poor Priest he was told that he has traveled to another island, for someone comes from

Another island seeking for a Priest who would not compromise his stand for anything and

People of the island had brought those people to his house and the person had taken him

Off stating that he will live with for a while before he returns to the island. This pained the

Young man greatly. Yet the small voice inside of him would not allow him rest, still talking

That he should not listen to what those priests have said that they have all told him lies

In the quest to get things straight he went to some of the elders in the land to share with

Them what he has seen and they had told him contrary things from what those priests have

Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Lyrics)

Stated. At the end of it all he decides to settle for what the priests have said, ignoring the

Still small voice inside of him, his instincts, and the elders who he had contacted on his

Dreams. After ignoring them, he starts to withdraw himself from the lady and would not

Do things with her as before again. The lady over the years has been fond of him and she

Has been dreaming too about him, seeing her in his hands always, seeing how he kisses her,

How he embraced her, and how he has been doing things for her. She has been seeing better

Future being with him than any other males she has been having relationship with over

The years. She discovers that she was not only seeing negative signs from him but she

Notices that his actions, dispositions, and things between them have changed totally all

Changes from him for she tries to do to him as she has been doing before but he would

Shove her off as if she is an animal. After trying all she could but nothing changes from him

She also starts withdrawing herself from him hoping that he will come off his gloomy

Position soon. While this lingers on, her mind has been confused and she also sought for

Remedy to the situation by consulting with the priests to know what they would say to her

About what she has been dreaming of. Then the priests also lied to her, telling her different

Things, given her different analogies that were not in tandem with what she has dreamt of

Concluding with it that they are not meant to be together at all and it has been unfortunate

That they have even gotten to know each other, for their case is like a light and darkness that

Ought to never meet in the world. This creates fear in her heart and she starts thinking

That her life, future, and destiny may after all be in jeopardy for what has transpired before

Between the duo. She was even asked to offer some sacrifices to the “gods” to appease them

So that what they had in stock for her would not be diverted to another person, a lady

Even who is not as beautiful as she is.


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