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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #2

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On the other hand there are those who damn the Priests and contact the elder people in the

Island while few other ones do not bother their heads contacting anyone for the interpretation

Of their dreams in the island. These kinds of people took their stand because they have heard

Of several instances that those priests have lied to those who went to them about the

Meanings of their dreams. There was a popular story among the island of a young man who

Wants to be romantically involved with one of the most beautiful ladies in the island. This

Young Man was said to have contacted the priests in the island to ask for the meaning

Of what he dreamt of concerning the lass and himself. He contacts the Priests because

It is the believe of the people of the island that favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain:

But a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. It is a woman who

Fears the “gods” who will fear her spouse and calls him his “lord”, it is such a lass who

Will support her husband’s dreams and would be ready to do anything for her spouse.

They therefore do not esteem beauty, though it is good and welcome but beyond all

That they esteemed the lass with good morals and who in future would stay glue to her

Love come what may. This was what was at the mind of the young man that makes him

Go to the priests to share with them what he has been dreaming about concerning the

Beautiful lady and to know if the gods of love have hands in him and her coming together as

Husband and wife. However, before this young man gets to the Priests, one of the wealthy

Man in the island has contacted the priest that he wants to marry the lady and in his

Assessment he knows he cannot get the lady except he goes through the priests in the island

Because people believed them, and he knows she is one of those who believed the priests

Of the island. The priest asked him what he wants them to do and he told him that he

Wants him to help lie to the lady when she goes to them for assistance especially when it

Has to do with her choosing her life partner. After he finished what he said, he gave the

Connie Talbot - I Have A Dream (HQ)

Priest a huge amount of money which makes the priest to laugh, telling him that his

Work has been done, and that he will do it beyond his imaginations. The wealthy man

Was elated and told him that if he does it, then he will have cause to always laugh the

Rest of his life. After he left the Priest has included those who may want to come and

Talk to him that they have dreamt about the lady to him too that they will be lied to and

Their dreams would be given another interpretation. To seal everything up, he decides to

Contact other Priests in the island that people do contact and told them what the wealthy

Man has said, given them huge money too, which he has requested for, from the wealthy

Man. Having sealed all routes that he believes “leakages” could be happening that was when

The Young man went to him to tell him of his dream and that he should help him clarify

Them by interpreting them to him. The priest asked him if he has anything with the lass and

He replies that he has nothing with her other than being casual friend with her, infact the

Causal friendship was because their house are close to each other, he stated. Then the

Priest would tell him what the dream means of the need not to have anything to do with her

Again for she is dangerous and would bring a lot of set backs along his path, what and where

He would have gotten to in weeks when he becomes involved with her, he will not get to

At all, and if he perchance be favored by the gods to get there, he will get there after several

Years by the time he may even have gotten old and lost hope of achieving such feat he said.

In the meanwhile it has been stated by the people of the island that when dreams are

Been interpreted to people, something inside of them would be telling them whether the

Interpretation is genuine or nay. And there was this feeling inside of the man that was

Telling him that the interpretations were not correct, however on a second note another

Small voice continues to tell him that the interpretation is genuine and should not listen to

The other voice that wants to lead him astray, lead him against his priests.


The Quote is from Proverbs 31:30