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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #11

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Friends arranged beautiful ladies for him to be involved with, but he did not get himself

Entangled with such. About fifteen years after this, his parents called him that they are

Waiting for the time he will bring his spouse home. He did not answer them, what he only

Says is that when it is time, he will be married but for now, it is not yet time. His mother

Was not happy with this statement, it is not yet time, because they know all his agemates

Have gotten married and they have all stopped procreating. Individual’s time differs that is

What he said to his parents. Parents, relatives, friends have used different analogies to

Talk to him to be married but he did not listen to them as he continued with his bachelorhood

He was promoted in his place of work and he started doing things that his age mates are

Doing, the only exception is that he has neither wife nor fiancée. His company opened

Another branch in his island and he was relocated there as the head of the branch office in

His island. When he got to the island his parents were happy, for they know that he will be

Taken proper care of them now that he has moved to the island, which was true. However

One thing is still like a sore in their heart and it is the issue of his marriage, when will he be

Married? They continue to ask themselves. In the island he was given the power to employ

People into the company. This he did without favoritism. After the employing them and

The company’s work was going on well, he discovers that a lady was fond of him, she also is

Not bad after all he said to himself. He decides to get to know more about her and the duo

The lady was happy with this development. She will visit him in his apartment while he

Will visit her in her house. People began to notice the relationship between them and start to

Pray internally that the relationship grows deeper because she is single and he is single, they

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Are compatible. But some people say, the lady may not want to marry him because of the

Age difference because the lady is noticeably young. During the course of their seeing each

Other that was when the man discovers that it was when he fell sick that the lady was given

Birth to in the island. Then he starts to think that would she not say he is too old for him?

Though consumed by the thought, but it seems as if the lady has no such mind towards him.

Then he remembers the interpretation of the dream that High Priest gave him decades back

That he will have to wait for years perhaps decades before he will get someone to be

Married to. Is this the fulfilment of the dream? Time will tell, he keeps telling himself. One

Day he decides to propose to the lady. The lady replied that she has fallen heads over heels

In love with him since the day she sets her eyes on him, but being a young lady, she

Thinks she may be wrong and that he may have been married, but now that she knows that

He has not been married, there is nothing stopping them from being involved with each

Other she replied him. He was happy for this utterance and they started dating. Then he

Brought back the dream and the interpretation back to her mind, he has passed through all

He passed through for the fulfilment of the dream he had about three decades ago, when

The lass has not been given birth to, perhaps her parents may not have been married then

The “gods” are wonderful, he says to himself. His parents were happy with the development

When he introduced her to them as his spouse, they prayed that God would bless their

Coming together lots of blessings and good children. The parents of the lady too were

Happy for their daughter who has been wonderful daughter to them. they got married and

Are blessed with children.


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