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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #10

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His cousin as promised arrives at the island in company of some of his co-workers to

See him and they were elated when they see that his health has improved drastically. On

Seeing them, he was elated and talks with them at length then asks about his fiancée. They

Initially did not want to tell him because he is just recovering but he implores them to

Tell him for by telling him that is when his mind would be at rest and he will be able to

Recover fully. His friends after signaling to one another through their faces agreed that

What he says was right and they told him that his fiancée has married someone else. He

Was hit by this utterance and broke down in tears, then his friends told him that you see why

We do not want to tell you before, because we know you are remarkably close and it will hit you

Hard your knowing something like this. He replied them that if he was not informed, that

Would be bad because his mind would be on her and he will develop psychological sickness

Afterwards. They agreed with him and begged him to forget all about her and ensure that he

Keeps to the drugs he is using for now so that he recovers fully as soon as possible for

They all have missed him and are waiting for him in the island. They deliver the good will

Messages of the management and other members of staff of the company he was working

For unto him. He was elated and told them that they should tell them that things have

Changed with him, he is improving and soon he will be back on his feet and return to work.

His friends and cousin return to the island. After they had left he could not stop to think

About the lady, the memories of the good times they have had together keep coming back

To his brain. He continues to see her, continues to hear her voice, he remembers what she

Said when he was being moved home that she will be waiting for his quick recovery and that

Nelly - Just A Dream

He will pay him visits soon. His parents also talked to him that he should forget all about

Her at least for the time been and get well. For it is a healthy individual that can think of

Marriage and other things. He agreed with them. however, when they have heard of the love

Between them they will not give him a space for himself because they do not want him

To do something stupid, thus he was kept under close monitoring and he told his people that

He will not do anything stupid, it is true that he loves her closely, but since she has been

Married he has to continue with his life since he has not died. They heard him yet would

Not leave him alone. He recovered fully after three months and returned to the island where

He notices that the lady has left the island with her lover. However, before he returned to the

Island he has been told by his parents that when they contacted the Priests, they had told

Him that he will not die, that what happened to him happened for a reason. After they knew

Of the love affair between him and the lady, they said, maybe it was the lady that the gods

Were talking about that they allowed the problem to happen so that she will be tried and

Now she has been tried, he should forget all about her and move on with his life, he should

Look for another lady to be married to they had told him before he left the island. On getting

To the island he was warmly received back by the people and they were glad that his life

Has been spared. He resumed work back, but his mind was not in any lady again. His friends

Talked to him that if a woman divorces a man, it is another woman that a man would be

Married to that he should start looking for another beautiful damsel for there are ample

Of them all over the place in the island. He heard them but did not take a step on that. He

Continued to live as bachelor for an awfully long time and hardly think of lady again. Even if

He dreams about ladies he will not consider those dream to be important, would ignore

It, for his heart of love has been wounded.


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