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Living in the Dreamers’ Island #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


In his island, you just cannot take a step without having some spiritual or

Higher forces’ backing. To get the support of the higher forces, one can either go

To the priests who are the custodians of the gods of the island to tell them about

What one wants to do and what the gods have to say about it, may be the gods support

It and one would make it there, or maybe the gods do not support it. And for those who

Do not have strong belief in those priests, because they consider them to be humans, hence

Fallible, such people must have other means whereby gods will be communing with them

About the step they want to take and one of the celebrated means approved and shared among

Themselves which they all have been passing on to different generations over the centuries is

Dreaming. They have believed if people do not consult priests, they should dream dreams

About what they want to do and when they dreamt dreams, they believed the gods have

Conveyed their minds to the person about what she or he wants to embark upon and the onus

Therefore now lies on the person either to accept what has been revealed to him to be the

Outcome of the step he wants to take or ignore what has been seen. Some of those who

Relied on dreaming dreams have also on different occasions have course to resort to those

Priests when they do not know the meaning of the dreams they have dreamt. Thus, they

Will contact them to interpret the dreams to them. while the remaining few may consult some

Elderly people among the island for the interpretation of their dreams. When those who are

Naïve on the interpretation of dreams get to those people they shall be told of two main

Types of dream to them and they are direct and indirect. In direct means, they will tell them

That people who have this kind of dream, their meaning and fulfilment will come directly

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As they have dreamt the dream but in those who have indirect means of dreaming, their

Meanings and fulfilment would not be direct as they have dreamt the dreams. Sometimes it

Would be in form of proverbs, analogies, and representations. Therefore, they will tell them

That they need to pay attention to their own kind of dreams, the kind of way “gods” have

Chosen to be talking to them in their dreams. Some dreams will happen immediately while

It will take years and sometimes decades and centuries before some dreams would come to

Fulfilment, they will tell them of the need to note these too. Knowing the kind of class

A dreamer falls to among them usually comes when one have a negative dream, frightening

Dreams called nightmare and the person would be thinking about this. Then when it is

Fulfilled as it has been seen in the dream the person will know whether it is direct or

Indirect. After clarifying this, the people will go ahead to interpret the dream to the person

On the other hand those who consult the priests for the interpretation to their dreams will

Also receive a briefing as this from the priests. After telling them those, then they will

Interpret their dreams unto them, albeit in addition to doing this, those priests will consult

With the gods of the island to be doubly sure of what the gods are saying to the person which

He has not understood. Thus, those people who contacted the priests believe that there is

No assumption in the interpretations of the dreams by the priests because he will also contact

The gods to know their minds on the issue. But in the case of those who have contacted the

Elders in the island, it is the believe that their interpretations are assumption-based ones

Which may or may not be right after all. To avoid been in such dilemma many people prefer

The Priests to going to the elder people in the island to get the meaning of their dreams from.