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Living in a Land of Science Fiction and Make-Believe

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Woke up this morning and felt stuck in an episode

Of The Twilight Zone where everyone was completely rude

Locked in their telephone screens texting away to the person

Standing inches away from them and not saying a word

Strange that people seem to have gotten further apart

The closer they end up being physically to each other

Believed that strong communication skills became a thing of the past

Due to no one being able to form complete sentences

Without the use of a screen or emoticons to say what they feel

Frustrated that proper grammar and sentence structures

Went by the way of William Shakespeare and the dodo

Struggled to find a way to balance tradition and modern sentiments

Found none so far to remedy the disparity between them

Forced to deal with being a present day woman with some traditional beliefs

An English major stuck in a world of short hand typing

Poor grammar and missing words in messages sent at work

Started to think that tests need to be given for people to send emails

Wondered if kindness was the next thing to be eradicated from universe

Searched for someone with a nice smile to get through today

Couldn't find one for miles and miles

Everyone seemed to be asleep at the same moment

Full of angry and sleep deprived faces with nothing left to give

Speculated where all the kind and romantic cowboys went

Believing that they went to Sin City and buried their manners

In the desert with the rest of the criminals looking to cover up

Some harsh crimes and truths from the rest of the world

Rolled my eyes at the idea of the good politician claiming to be a good person

When nothing but a wolf dressed up in sheep's clothing yet again

Believed that they would get farther in their political careers if they told truth

Just enough to earn some respect and votes

Don't need to know about all the skeletons in their closets

Some secrets are best left unsaid; from the press and everyone

Except your priest and your heavenly father if you go that route

Let's go back to the matter at hand

Starting to think that chivalry and manners are dead

Died a slow death from the days of medieval courtship

Knights and fair maidens are a thing of the bygone past

Everyone is in a hurry to get home and love to cause havoc to get there

Ready to throw in the towel and join the rest of the manic fray

Acting like hooligans to get what they want

Stepping over everyone who gets in their way

Realized and cringed that it was not in my nature to do so

Pledged to keep going down the same path

Even if the lone wolf on this road

Resigned to this fact and learning to embrace it

Time to get started.

Is chivalry dead, or just dormant?

Is chivalry dead, or just dormant?

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