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Living by Agreements, Not by Truth


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


The Biblical Covenant means the agreement between God and Israelites by which He promised to protect them for as long as they would be faithful to Him. Which tells us that, from those ancient times on, agreements meant so much that we even involved our deities in them.

Agreements. We live by them in every single aspect of our coexistence. And we don't necessarily have to know anything first-hand as true in order to agree with another person, group, or a whole mass of others.

For an easy example, hardly anyone privately knows personages like Donald Trump or Joe Biden, and yet, some huge masses found it so easy to get politically attached to either, just after somebody else told them a story -- one that they agreed upon.

Some opposite scientific, nutritional, and other theories get formed, and then we agree with the one which fits more with our intellectual taste -- not the one that's been empirically proven as the only one valid.

Agreements. The whole cultural paradigm is based upon them, while they cover anything from a hard facts to crazy manipulative fabrications, myths, even scientific dogmas and theories which parade around the academia as truths-carved-in-stone.

So that an incredible mass of atheists believe in Evolution, gladly ignoring the fact that it's only a theory. And another huge mass prefers to believe in a deity of their choice, a "perfect" diet of their choice, and "the only right" medical treatment enforced by the law.

And people agree, or they don't -- if they happen to agree with someone else's story. Mental laziness is probably the worst disease there is, while -- as someone has put it: "One thinks and hundred others just copy".

In our private and social interactions we also heavily rely on agreements, while selectively putting up a front, a chosen "version" of us, and then we mutually buy each other's advertised image.

Even in courtrooms, where truth should really mean something -- it's only secondary to the skill of prosecution and defense.

We pretend, and they pretend, and it's O.K., because it has long become the way of life -- upon which we collectively agreed.

Well, then there is this odd, or is it weird, breed of us, who find the peace and joy of life by discarding the obvious if that hidden sounds more true in our conscience, our hearts, our souls.

The following two pieces from my library of rhymes try to say something on this theme.

"Truth Will Set You Free" -- Is That Why There Is No True Freedom to Be Seen? -- Val Karas

"Truth Will Set You Free" -- Is That Why There Is No True Freedom to Be Seen? -- Val Karas

All you know is what you think you know, but it isn't always what's real.

-- Carrie Vaughn

Dare to Be Truthful

Have the balls to go against the grain

stick it to those who expect appeasing

let the truth build muscle of your brain

bringing all fake warmth to its freezing.

Satirize yourself before satirizing other

expose your jugular to every toxic bite

be truthful no matter how it may bother

when you're wrong don't try to be right.

This world is suffocating in pretense and lies

massive ass-kickers and ass-kissers galore

brainwashers and suckers with closed eyes

with politics parading as an elegant whore.

There is no happiness in fear of rejection

so stop tailoring yourself to others' taste

be truthful to you not to their perfection

life in cocoon of lies is pathetic waste.

People live by wisdom of those long gone in time

conscience programmed by religion and old folks

committing against themselves the terrible crime

by not asking their heart before believing in hoax.

A collective truth is often a lie agreed upon by all

with a "herd immunity" to the truth that may hurt

with everyone covering ears to that inner call

as they just keep wallowing in ethical dirt.

So, dare to be truthful, you owe it to your soul

don't go shopping for image at culture-bazaar

becoming the stranger to self by playing a role

for, at last breath you won't know who you are.

There Is No Other Freedom but the One From Our Own Illusions. -- Val Karas

There Is No Other Freedom but the One From Our Own Illusions. -- Val Karas

If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem.

-- Nouman Ali Khan

My Many Ego's Funerals

So many of my ego's funerals I gladly attended

freeing myself from its deceiving stronghold

just to catch myself as I again pretended

acting out someone so overly bold.

It's such a thin line between pumped up and cool

but luckily it won't escape my well trained eye

so I quickly snap out of an egocentric fool

leaving just self-esteem to stay high.

Life provides a playground for many ego's games

with temptations to see ourselves as if above all

others used as audience to brag and for claims

and all similar poses while we are "walking tall".

But if it was not for this ego's ugly face

we wouldn't appreciate beauty of our soul

without a contrast we wouldn't recognize grace

this genuine self, free of acting any blown-up role.

Thus, at each ego's funeral I leave a flower

blessed by that image I'm refusing to be

void of any need to seek some power

allowing my truth to keep me free.

In video below see how it has even become a useful strategy TO AGREE .

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John Hansen from Queensland Australia on January 21, 2021:

I like the commentary and poem, Val. We all have an ego or egos but it all comes down to how flexible we are, and if we can admit it when we are proved wrong. Not look for a thousand excuses or for a roundabout way of proving ourselves right.

I think it is funny that Evolution is taught as fact when it is still only a theory and has a lot of holes in it, as does the Creation theory. But, most believe one or the other. Maybe we should try and find the commonalities and make a third and probably more accurate "theory" than both.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 21, 2021:

Thank you, Umesh, I am glad you liked it.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on January 21, 2021:

Very nice and well expressed.

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