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Living a Special Kay Kind of Life: On Their Terms

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Searching for a rainbow buried underneath some storm clouds

Hard to do when visibility out there was low due to the fog

Managed to find something to latch onto after the recent dust up

A challenge when balance was a problem from the start

Finding common ground after rug being pulled out

Did a massive faceplant into an open carton of eggs

Shattered every single one into a folk filled face mask

Mixed with broken shells and sticky as anything

Lost all sense of hand-eye coordination and sense of calm

Balance has been shaky at best; unstable at its worst

Passage of time and extra sand in the universal hourglass

Helped to heal and properly patch up some of the emotional wounds

Ready to pick up where the karmic universe left off

Shrugging off the slight as life's latest dust up of the month

Our Special Kay always believed that there was always someone

Who had it worse than you did; so it was pointless to complain

Especially over spilled milk or some broken eggs in a carton

Those things were replaceable; people on the other hand aren't so much

Kay epitomized strength, confidence and humor to make you love her

Always blunt when it was necessary to be so

Said what we needed to hear; not always what we ideally wanted to hear

Told the truth, even if it garnered a few enemies at the latest party

Lover of the crustiest and softest bread ever made

Enjoyed a good Manhattan and winning at Wild Card Rummy

Adept at dispensing advice to her adult children and grandchildren

Someone who you could easily talk to; even if she did 95 percent of it

Wondered what you would say about recent events

Since she was no longer of this world for almost 10 months

Okay, she was still a part of us in the spiritual sense

Not the same as hearing her voice on the other end of the telephone

Secretly know she would say to pick yourself up and wipe off the crushed egg

Put a fresh coat of make-up warpaint and keep on living

You're not dead, yet.

There's still plenty time to live a good and happy life

Take a chance and don't give up

If you found happiness once, you can find it again

Believe in yourself and continue being yourself

Might sound like a greeting card, but it's still good advice regardless.

Searching for special meaning after a rough start.

Searching for special meaning after a rough start.

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