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Living Within One’s Limits the Key #2

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Apart from that, some other things that he is noticing makes him feel and think he is

Under some curses. When will he settle down he asks himself. Twenty years in the business

With nothing substantial to show for it. Then he decides to ask his father some questions

About the past. His father told him that things were relatively easier when he started his

Business but today things are hard, therefore, he cannot say he is under some forms of

Curses. Though there are curses, which should be prayed on individually, but he should not

Attach curses to what he is going through, it is the instabilities in economies, government

Policies that are erratic and all what not. Those are the things affecting him he stated. He

Thanked his father, then asks him how can he get out of this doldrum? Adding that he asks

This because people are anxious that he gets married, and even if they aren’t anxious he

Ought to get marry truly because people of his agemates are married. What and how can

He go about this he asks. His father replied that, with the situation of things the world over,

For he also has been reading something of note as per some advanced countries, the statistics

He has been reading about those countries is that many youths of his age are yet living

With their parents which was not like that decades back, this shows how terrible the situation

Of things have been in the world. thence, he should not think that what is happening is

Affecting only our island, but it is sort of pandemic phenomena. Now to answer his

Question, he says, what he can do to navigate through the situation as he has said is that he

Should not be overtly anxious for things according to the scriptures, if he is not overtly

Anxious for things he will leave a happy life. In addition to this, the kind of lady he

Should be married to should be understanding kind of lady, not a lady who does not want to

Know his purse and would keep on demanding for things beyond his reach, in addition to

Abba - Money, Money, Money (Official Video)

This, he needs to be married to someone who has a source of income however meager the

Source of income is, for through that the lady would also be supporting the family. Although

It is the prayers of good husbands that God would be providing for him to be meeting with

The needs of his family as being stated in the scriptures that if any provide not for his

Own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse

Than an infidel., good husbands always desire to provide for his own household and while

Doing this, he needs to always bear this in mind that, “a person who has no relatives

Would not play games that would resort in him having injuries at his back, because he has

Injuries there, he would not find a person who will nurse the injured sites for him. Even if the

Person goes to the hospital, yet the nurses would ask that the person goes home to be

Coming for dressing daily or something, therefore one needs to watch his back always be

Careful in what one is doing, for anything that is too hard one should leave it for a while. As

Per those disturbing you to be married, he says, no one would feed your family for you,

Take your time, and do not dance to their drums. He thanked his father as he returns to his

Place of work, started living a life that is not revolving around what people are saying in the Community because individual persons have their lives to live.

Quotation: 1 Timothy 5:8