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Living Within One’s Limits the Key #1

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The young man has been confused about the position of things with him, he has been

Thinking that maybe he has been under some curses which has been limiting his growth

Because it seems as if nothing is changing since the time he has started his business. He

Started his business about twenty years ago, yet he finds it extremely hard to save $10:00

(ten dollars) a month. Then he remembers what his father used to say that when he was about

His age, he was about to complete his first building, and here is he, he has nothing, he even

Finds it hard to buy things into his room because if he spends beyond his gain he would be

Running at a loss because he would have dipped his hands into his capital. Which he ought

Not to do as a good business person a good business person whose business will thrive must

Not spend beyond his gains, else he eats into his capital. He continues to think about this

And he has been confused. Really many people within the community has been talking to

Him to get a wife, but he considers marriage a no-go area for now. This is because getting

Married now would cause a lot of setback to him he thinks. He remembers when his niece

Come and stay with him for four months before securing admission into the institution of

Higher learning. He remembers that the money he uses to spend then was about five times the

Money he spent when he is living alone. This is because, when he is alone he may decide

That he will not eat anything at night other than fruits and he will go to bed like that, but his

Niece would not allow that, to fruits are refreshment, preparing the bowels for the major

Event that would soon happen so eating fruits along and thereafter going to bed is not in

Her dictionary. After one has eaten fruits one should eat bolus foods too she will say. Since

She does not know how business is, he cannot really blame her. Apart from that, he has said

The Money Song | Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter | Jack Hartmann

To himself when she called him that she will be coming to stay with him for about six

Months to read and prepare for her entrance examination into the institution of higher

Learning that he will use that to know how marriage life is. He said the only thing that would

Be lacking in their living together is that they would not have sexual intercourse with each

Other, because this is a taboo according to their culture and the faith they practice which is

Christianity. Thence, if she arrives, he said to himself, he will use her to measure his

Weight how prepare he is for taking another woman, getting married and if he discovers

That their living together has no serious impact on the business, then he would intensify his

Efforts on some ladies he has set his eyes upon within the church and in the neighborhood.

True to his thoughts he has used her as a litmus test for how marriage looks like and by

That litmus test he could assuredly say that he has failed the litmus test and he is yet to be

Ripe for wedding. During the stay of the lady which lasted four months, the business has

Been plummeting, because he used to dip his hands into his capital some times when they

Need to buy food stuffs and other essentials. The lady is not a demanding type, like other

Social ladies around who would want to buy this and that, she resembles her parents because

Her parents are not very social they are indoor types. He has prayed inwardly on most

Occasions that God would give him a lady like her when he wants to marry, a gentle and

Easy-going lady who does not look here nor there. Even when he wants to take her out to

Some eateries she would not agree with him. But despite her not demanding for things, he

Still knows that the cost of maintaining a family is not easy, thence, he states within himself

That he has failed the litmus test and he is not ready for marriage now. When things are not

Moving smoothly with him, his business, no thanks to the instability in the economy of

The island which has turned people who are hardworking to be viewed like lazy people.


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