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Living With Abundance in 2018. Monday's Inspiration, 25.

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom-Quote from Sri Chinmoy

A sleepless self-giver-seeker
To humankind
Has no time for himself. -Sri Chinmoy


More recently, I have been feeling the flow of a greater energy, vibrancy, cheerfulness and joy in my being. I am in Germany, conveying this love through chatter, laughs and merriment with my fellow colleagues in the spirit of love.

"What's wrong with you?“ said my friend.

"Whenever Manatita comes here", said the other, he is always flying higher."


Amidst all this, I felt great! I was not on stimulants; I knew I had no coffee. I was just experiencing and sharing a natural 'high'. This brings me to one of the virtues or qualities, for living an abundant life. I call this 'giving'. Buddhists say that we can give with a smile, touch, intonation of voice, physically, financially, and so forth.

We say in Yoga Philosophy, that one can also give prayerfully, psychically, as in giving from the Heart. This is a feeling of offering from within - without conditions - in a spirit of self-surrender to our true nature. A giving with intention; a service from the Heart. The nobility of this quality, is that it becomes infectious, sooner or later, in a positive sense. Those whose lives we touch, will ultimately remember and reciprocate this energy, either to us or to someone else.

Love and its devotees are like a tree and its branches. They need each other. The Love-tree needs the branches to share its blossoms and fruits; the leaves and fruits need the Love-tree for their sustenance and growth. By so sharing, they compliment each other.


Service and Gratitude

Two weeks ago, I was very busy at work, when I noticed a male patient slumped in one of our wheel chairs. I already had more than enough to do and could easily have carried on with my work. Instead I paused, looked at the middle-aged gentleman, spoke to him and realised quite quickly, that he was unstable … ill.

I immediately called for help, transferred him unto a hospital trolley and did what was necessary, to ensure the excellence and stability of his health. This story does not end there. Just last week, I saw the same man sitting on a chair in our department. I did not recognize him and after all, I see an average of one hundred and forty patients a day. However, the man recognized me and just could not stop praising me for helping him out in a time of need. He said so many nice things! He even said that I had saved his life!

Poor me! In my world, even doctors cannot save lives. I see God as the be all and end all of everything. I have seen too many cases, where a patient has been given two weeks ...two months to live. Yet I know some who are still alive five years … ten years later.

Anyway, I was very touched! Happy and joyful to see the man with so much energy in his voice; looking so well, was very empowering for me. I thanked God that I was given the opportunity to be of service: to be a willing instrument, in enhancing the quality of this man's life.

Gratitude is so important in our lives! It is the life-breath of God. Not the simple 'thank you' that sometimes has no meaning, but an outpouring of our Hearts to others. This will always return to us and the hubber William Dale Holland (Billybuc), has told stories of how we can touch people's lives, while they in turn touch ours. I was simply a vehicle to improve this man's health and he reciprocated ten-fold, my sincere intentions; my duty of care.


As we Give, so we Will Reap Returns

Here's a final one worth considering. Good parents look after their children anyway. This is just simply what they do. Only in this case, I gave my daughter more than the usual quality time and money. Mom noticed and remarked on this. I felt a strong urge to respond in an intuitive way and so I told her of my life's observations. I said that for thirty-five years, I had been constantly giving and yet, somehow, I was never broke.

This was like a revelation to me. I do not count my giving and as such it is unusual to see things this way. I felt that this was Love's way of looking after its own and mom agreed. So the final lesson, -giving without expectation – is to serve for serve's sake, love for love's sake; to give for the sake of giving, without expectation of rewards.

This pleases the soul and allows the Higher energy (Grace), to fill our Spirit. Grace is like sunshine and giving opens the door. As long as our windows are open; as long as our curtains are not drawn, then the light can come in. In the same way, Grace descends like showers to flood the vessels of our souls.

Compassion, like a torrential downpour of the selfsame rain, is never far behind. It is the living water of which Jesus, the Christ speaks. Drink this and we will never thirst. If we can allow Grace to flow in our souls, then all our impediments, will be washed away. For this worshipful service is paramount.

Today I'm still in Germany. (just returned) Last Sunday night we sang hymns, joked; gave praise to the extent that even our host – a total stranger – became inspired. Afterwards we went to our temple of worship and prayed for two and a half hours, until the New Year 2018 dawned.

Let me wish you more abundance now. May the spirit of giving, loving, serving, gratitude … permeate your Hearts and souls. Do not worry about religion, dogmas, politics. They too, have their story. We are all part of a holistic oneness-song,and nothing is without purpose. Life is not an illusion, for the universe is God's body and nothing comes from an empty void.

Humans may ignore and abuse you, but with service, the Heart will be joyful and thrilled. Singing with the melody of the nightingale, let us all move forward to another glorious and golden dawn. HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends. May you be filled with abundance, inner and outer opulence, health and God's wondrous wealth. Praise be!!

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier, 1st January, 2018.



The Spirit of Hope For Another Golden Dawn

O Hope, my uncaged bird within the soul,

Ever anew, thy spark glimmers, upon each golden dawn.

A New Year beckons and challenges await;

I hear the Guardians of the virgin morn:

Come! They say.“ The old clock is gone!“

Let us move forward to the vision of the great unknown.

The clarion-call of promise,

Whispers a cute melody in my core.

Arise! Awake! The cuckoo chants beatitudes,

Telling of my yesterday's; rejoicing in my tomorrows.

O Flame! Such beauty in Your lustre!

Burning my host of indiscretions,

You herald the Light of tomorrow's dreams.

O Hope, my uncaged bird, sweet Jerusalem approaches.

Let us soar to the pinnacle of this blinding Love.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 30th December, 2017

The Poetry of Hafiz

Living With Abundance in 2018

© 2018 manatita44

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