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The Fruit Tree

Retired counselor, 341 short stories published by FSU. I have 4 sons, love sharing photography, writing, love travel, sunshine, sea & Grace.

Hidden deep beneath the ground

Strong, searching roots are found

Above her limbs will open wide

She knows her beauty cannot hide

Now in fragrant budding Spring

This shy, blushing bride will bring

From her sweetly surrendered blossom

Dropped confetti on Earth’s bosom

Full laden now, this lovely maid

In lazy Summer days will shade…

Her fruits to ripen hanging there

Until we pluck her summer fare

Now in Autumn she will shed

a thousand million golden dead

They fall in heaps about our feet

Was there ever a giving quite so sweet?

Now deep in Winters ice and snows

She dreams about her summer clothes

Then quietly trusting in Life and its reasons

She surrenders herself to Life's four seasons.

Helen Lewis 2009

© 2009 Helen Lewis

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