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Living Out of Boxes

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started writing poetry on Hubpages back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


LIVING OUT OF BOXES: Or A Lazy Mans Carmen Figuratem

A Carmen Figuratem is an exotic shaped poem.

"Little boxes on the Hillside

Little boxes made of Ticky Tacky..."

A Popular Song.


A Tan Box



out of





A Green Box

No warmth from our

bright fire when we

only watch through

flame in our boxes.

For fear of burning

even in this winter

with a tremendous

amounts of snow.

A snow box to walk

from this corner to

another from a drift

oddly similar place .


A Blue Box

This living out of boxes

like our life is constant

unpacking from move.

A place to pack then to

unpack again to find an

equal home in distance.

Schools for the children

educate in their boxes.


A Yellow Box

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes. I have enough.

I have written myself into many boxes

Funny reminder of my exit from womb.

The four sides to our story I told today.

A hidden gift at your doorstep with bow.


A Purple Box

What does one write about when box trapped.

Interpret the symbols enclosed within this story

it all means well, really? How does one live day

box? What does one do to stay alive with box.

Four walls? Strategically planted herbs growing

box where last years bulbs did not bloom near

garden boxes that still have not been filled soil.

Hey you don't box me in! When answering here

pencils always shade in the boxes: What race?

What sex are you? What box do you fit inside,

comfortable in? What breakfast cereal you eat,

does it depend on what is on the box? My box.

Boxed in by the memories, the ones that haunt.

Will I ever find freedom from this carved box

around me. I cannot seem to change my mind,

anything, anymore. I feel that there is no more.

To leave bad lover or find an exit from the bad.

Collect box tops for school lunches. Ten years

married. An afterthought, footnote at the bottom.

Am I trapped in this box? Pandora's box. This.

© 2019 Jamie Lee Hamann

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