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Living in Expectations

Kate is a Psych Major. A poet by nature. She has a passion for writing and recently, she was hired to be an article writer and contributor.


If we look into a bigger picture we may see a lot

If we focus on catching the sun and tying the moon, we are living a life full of lies

It's like pouring ourselves with a very hot water and feeling like it doesn't hurt at all

It's like putting an ice in a hot surface and expecting it to not melt

For the longest time, we are fooling ourselves

In a way we thought of expecting so much not even realizing the impossibility of life

Expecting too much narrows down the truth of not reaching anything

It is because, too much of everything is not good

It is a breach

A certain gap in a wall

A tall barrier

That is hard to even grasp.

© 2018 Kate Ivy Solatorio

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