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Lived Or Just Existed

Writing poetries related to life and nature is my expertise. I feel nature is the only healing ailment we possess which teaches us humanity.


Lived Or Just Existed

Like the sun sets with its reddish rays,

behind a steep, huge rocky hill.

So does our life, quickly restrain its ways,

from pleasurable sensations to a whistling thrill.

An uncharted mayfly sans erudition of its life-span,

ambling along the aquatic shore with savoir faire,

delineates the futile, hollow life of a man.

Sans love, sans sight, sans expertise, sans care.

Dodges the enthusiasm of a kid,

To become a lady's beloved, yet overlooks

the inamorata to amass a fortune of wealth- lids.

And gambles the capital, craving for solicitude of crooks.

Begging for his lost pinnacle ages,

yearning and tempting for forgotten love again.

Searching his youth on the unwritten pages,

where the youthful world intends him to abstain.

He then goes behind a wall of solitude,

looks back at his inconsiderate actions.

Laments, cries and torments self attitude.

Then, encounters a poor, helps and gain satisfactions.

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