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Live Your Own Okay

I’m not living on a ranch
Brushing down my horses
Fixing fences or killing fire ants
But roadside lights draw me near
If the band plays what I want to hear
I need to know if you like it too
Or are you stuck in some other way
Not that it’s wrong to live your own okay

I know I’m adequately real for you
I have no top or bottom to speak of
Instead of hours stuck in the wrong shoe
It’s easier now to be there in minutes
Because I raised and lowered my limits
But it’s so hard to leave my fears
That’s why ghosts get in my way
I carry the anger of my yesterday

Nobody asked me who I really was
They just reacted to the mask I wore
If it seems you meant it, it’s just because
The moment is good enough for the act
As long as it's nice with lots of tact
But now I’m stripped naked taking a chance
If you think it’s easy I’ll tell you someday
Or see if my face reflects the light of day

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