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Little River: A Short Poem

I fell in love with the earth

His skin was warm with the lava that flowed through his veins

But I was just water

Just a little river in a vast forest

She who could only make a ripple in a small after storm puddle

I made waves the first time the lava touched my skin

He told me my tears are stars

Even though they are here now they could be gone tomorrow

And you wouldn't even notice

Keep your head up little river

I will become the dam that holds back the raging waves

I was afraid that the stone around him was not strong enough

What made the fire inside you my rock?

Only the best people hold fire inside them

Phoenix lived inside his deep boiling heart

Glass flowed from his mouth

So smooth and elegant

He was my boulder

He stood strong no matter how deep he sank

I thought I was too small to drown him

When a storm hits his arms became cement walls

Slowly his stone wore away as storm after storm pounded on him

I evaporated when he crumbled

I swirled not wanting to believe this was real

I shattered when I awoke in a cave

Cold and soaked with salt water

Little river

Little river you're dreaming


© 2019 Austin Koeckeritz

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