Little Rhymes

Updated on October 30, 2017

Little Giants

In a little small town in Urbain, Ohio.
There were two brothers running the show.
DANNY and his brother KEVIN O'SHEA.
Were very different in their own way.
Kevin was known for football.
He even coached the small.
Small cowboys team.
Kevin had them mean and green.
Always had them dressed for success.
His niece tries out for the team.
Turned away because she's not mean.
She's a girl. Just wanting to play.
But her uncle told her NO WAY.
While her father Danny was kind of Jealous.
He decided to finally stand up and challenge,
Danny rounded up all that did not make the team.
And gave them a shot his team.
Becky "IceBox" O'shea and a few others.
Formed a GIANT team like to defeat his brother.
The COWBOYS. That is what they were called.
They had uniforms and all.
Danny had a team but needed uniforms.
So he used what he had and formed.
As time went on, they got the help needed.
1st they got help from some NFL legends.
Danny got some tips from John Madden.
They were ready the day the game came.
But before it, the brothers made a big wage.
If Danny won he'd get the dealership Kevin owned.
If Kevin won he'd get the station Danny owned.
In the 1st half, it looked like the winner was cowboys.
Until Danny lifted the spirits of his boys.
The GIANTS started roaring back.
Their main threat was their quarterback.
The Giants end up winning it.
But the bet was called off.
Kevin only had to pay one cost.
Kevin had to change the name on the tower.
To the OSHEA BROTHERS of power.

Little Giants
Rick Moranis
Danny O'shea
Shawna Waldron
Becky "Icebox" O'Shea
Ed O Neil
Kevin O' shea
Devon Sawa
Junior Floyd
Sam Horrigan

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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