Little Poetry

Updated on October 19, 2017

Stuar Little

Best Friends

Eleanor and Fredrick little.
Are looking to adopt another little.
With their first named George not home.
They go out to a foster home.
They fall in love with a humanoid mouse.
They adopt him and take him to the house.
The parents love Stuart but George doesn't.
He refuses to call Stuart family in public.
Stuart feels like an outsider.
In a large family with great providers.
He has most of his wants. Most of his needs.
but admits his loneliness to his family.
George and Stuart seem to be getting close.
Stuart helps George finish his boat.
Remote controlled boat called the wasp.
In the upcoming race in Central Park.
They finish the wasp in time for the race.
But fatality hits the day of the race.
The remote to control it is smashed.
By a bystander walking pass.
So Stuart pilots the boat himself.
But ends up tussling with someone else.
Anton. Who has yet to be penalized.
He smashed the boats without being disqualified.
Despite Anton's attempts Stuart wins the race.
The littles chose to celebrate.
But suddenly, a couple appears.
Reginald stout and his wife Camille.
They claim to be Stuarts parents.
That gave him away to the orphanage.
They gave him away due to poverty.
Stuart sees the parents he's been dying to see.
He leaves with them. George gives a toy.
A farewell gift but it's really no Joy.
No joy because his real parents are dead.
They find that Stuart was kidnapped instead.
Like normal parents, the littles react.
Calling the police to help get him back.
Meanwhile, some well-known alley cats.
Are behind Stuart Little's attack.
Pet Cat SNOWBELL, is all smiles.
Because he made the deal to take Stuart down
The head alley cat is named SMOKEY.
He wanted Stuart so he put out a bounty.
They corner Stuart in central park.
Stuart evades them, returning home to be apart.
Apart of the little family.
He finds out that they're our celebrating.
From pet cat Snowbell who wanted him out.
So when Stuart returned he lied he lied about.
Lied about the parents' whereabouts.
Stuart is heartbroken and he walks out.
Snowbell is really hurt too.
Seeing the pain that the littles are going through.
So he goes and finds Stuart. Saving him.
The Alleycats still find him.
Hanging for his life from a branch.
Snowbell comes and saves him from the cats.

Micheal J Fox
Stuart Little
Geena Davis
Eleanor Little
Hugh Laurie
Fredrick Little
Jonathan Lipnicki
George Little
Nathan Lane
Chazz Palminteri

Stuart Little 2


Stuart and George really got closer.
He was publicly calling Stuart his brother.
but while playing a soccer game.
Stuart accidentally breaks the model airplane.
Stuart is really upset.
But is encouraged by his father Fredrick.
Later, Stuart was driving his roadster.
A canary fell in that was injured.
MARGALO is secretly assisting FALCON.
Fell in Stuart's car with intentions.
Falcon to steal from the littles.
Wanting all of their valuables.
Meanwhile, Margalo's reluctant.
She is unable to focus.
Unable to focus on the assignment.
While Falcon grows impatient.
He threatens to eat Stuart alive.
Unless Margalo brings him a prize.
Which happens to be Mrs. Littles ring?
Concerned for Stuart she brings.
By the time the littles discover it.
They assume that it has fallen.
Fallen down the drain in the kitchen.
So Stuart agrees to go down to get it.
They lower Stuart on a string.
The string pops, and he's stuck in the drain.
Fred promises to get him out.
Instead, Margalo comes get him out.
She then disappeared for the night.
Stuart fears falcon kidnapped her for the night.
So he and Snowbell pursue her.
They kill falcon and rescue her.

Micheal J Fox
Stuart Little
Melanie Griffin
James Woods

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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