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Little Loves

Wife and mother of three. Sharing life experiences and lessons learned along the way.


Come to me, my child

When you're feeling all alone

Come to me, my child

When the world no longer feels like home

Come to me, my child

When the skies are dark and gray

Come to me, my child

When your demons won't go away

Come to me, my child

I'll be here through and through

No strife will ever be greater than the love I have for you


Little hands

Little feet

Little nose

Little cheeks

A little kiss

A little hug

A little you

That I love


Just to hold you near

My little dear

Brings peace

Upon my soul

Making my wounded heart


Oh, my little dear

Just to hold you near


I'll never forget the day

You came into this world

With tiny toes

Sweetly curled



In the waiting cradle

Of my arms


Do you remember my heartbeat, baby boy?

Before you could open your eyes?

The warmth and love that enveloped you

When you were the tiniest of size?

Do you remember when you first heard my voice, baby boy?

The muffled sounds full of comfort and peace?

Do you remember our oneness, baby boy?

When all of little you was one with me?


How many smiles

There would be

That never graced my face

If I didn't have you

... My little love

My Little Loves

My Little Loves

© 2018 Heather Johnson

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