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Little Prey

Honeylyn L. Casquijo's Little Prey will remind us to be careful not to be a victim especially to those hungry souls.

In the midst of poverty

some people tend to stray

where opportunities are available

where predators are unnoticeable

they're spying everywhere

so, little prey just be aware

that even how little your life maybe

you can be a predator's little hubby

and that is too scary.

Predators are often strangers

they love to catch stray herrings

wandering around for a living

if you're not too careful

they might become deceitful

as they kept on stalking

so try not to be too trustful

especially to those roaming around

look for a prey to hound.

Your little life is a gift

so be careful from a thief

observe your world

some predators

might offer you precious golds

learn their tactics

as well as their disguises

your brighter future

is closer for you to hold.