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Little Angel Love of a Son

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Little Angel

Little Angel

Little Angel

Little Angel come to me.
Sweet, tiny saviour; you are my light.
I held you beneath my heart, we were one breath; at one time.
I poured my soul into you; you are my entire.
Precious one, littlest warrior. You shield me from darkest thoughts.
Angel mine, you make me think the darkest things.
I am an assassin, a dictator; an envious queen.
All because of you; your bright shining light.
No one will hurt you, no one can steal you; Little Angel, I am here.
I'd bleed out and die, to give you one more moment of happiness.
The razor I would wield, my sanity forgotten, my Reward; cast aside, all but for your one moment.
I am fickle, I am a traitor and a murderess; all for you, Angel mine.
Let them come, let them wail and beg forgiveness--I will hear only you, Warrior Child.
THEY are the sod beneath my heel, they are parasites on the life you bring.
You are my greatest love, my soul fire. God rejoices for our cup that runnethover.
You are innocence and I will be evil. To protect you; my precious one.
I am a liar and a thief; I set free the murderer while the kind perished.
Let them come and let them try. I'd lead Satan's army, to save your soul.
My kindred one; you eclipse the moon and burn up the sun.
Take these wings; I'll shield their waxy betrayal with my breast.
Who knows our love? The angels? The dog of Hades? Even God may ponder.
I will burn the world, to make you smile.
You are special, you are kind; I embrace the polar of you.
I will keep you, as you have kept me.
My little dragon slayer; let them see, let them see!
They are sod beneath our heels.
My Little Angel, my Tiny Warrior; my Son.

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