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Warmth Within The Storm

CalliopieJuliétte is a fond of arts,literature especially poetry. This article shows one of her written sad poetry.


Someone just broke hopes,
All this time she kept waiting for nothing
and expect for the thing that didn't happen.
She thought it was meant for her,
your radiant smiles and sunshine glares.
Days that she always want to remember before
turned into memories and feelings she try to forget.
The pillow where she used to lay her head while dreaming,
witnessed how her eyes leak acid rain.

What a sad sight, you left her speechles.
Staring out an open window.
Her long lost love you don't want anymore.
While you're out there making special memories with someone new
and all the tear she shreds you'll never knew.
Things just doesn't go the way as we seem,
so she accepts that it was just her all along.

It's the kind of cold, fogs up windshield glass.
But she felt soothing warmth within when she smiled.
For she only wants the happines for you
and she knows, the same will someday come to her too.