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Literary Pieces About Love


Walking Away

"As I walk away from the door, let me hold your hands again. Let us cherish our memories, once more. Stare into my eyes as I stare into your eyes. No words, just feel the heartbeat. I hope those make you feel and understand the pain. No tears for this sadness because what I need are tears for happiness. Yet, you failed and never made me feel like I am worth your time. Let me hug you for a while to give you warm from the cold sensation we are having right now. Goodbye."

The One That Got Away

There are two people (not meant together);
One is sweet and clingy;
The other one is unpredictable,
Got in love, they stayed for three (for no reason);
And now they are free (to no forever).

Sudden Goodbye

From lovers to strangers
It's hard to accept.
And from smiles to tears
No one did expect.

I got myself now all alone,
A soundscape too monotone.
To get up is a strain on me,
For life is driven-free.



If given the chance, I'll cry a river;
to ease this pain inside;
to forget those memories,
to live this life anew.

If given the chance, I'll go far away;
where I can travel with glee;
where I can see the world, it's beauty,
to smile and be the old me.

21 Days of Goodbye

It has been a long journey with you. I held your hand so tight that I ignored the pains it caused you. Twenty one days and more since we departed, and now I am on way of moving on. I am going to walk the path where I can no longer see a shadow of yours.

Two-way Decision

No reason to live,
Lot of reasons to slay.
Those pains are true pains,
I won't stay, and I won't be yours,


No reason to leave,
Lot of reasons to stay.
Those pains are just pains,
I'll stay, and I'll be yours,


© 2020 Ryan Bernido Network

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