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Do You Know

Oh! Man if you have sat with Job

And heard from first hand who thy

Creator is,and how mighty He is,

You wouldn't rise any day and boast.

Oh! Creations have thou stood still

And imagined how indescribable your maker is?

Flipping through the pages of Job,

It dawned on me that am folly to question His decisions over me.

He knows every detail.

He asked me " where were you when I laid the foundation of the world?"

I feel I have wits,then why can't I give a detail of creation,

Laying them bare for the unlearned to know.

But no,how folly am I that I can't describe any for my Creator.

Can a fault finder stand before He

Whose perfections cannot be fathomed?

Oh! Man bow in humility,

For if wisdom wasn't released to your mind,

You would have been like the Ostrich that lay her eggs under the warmth of the earth and forgetting that it can be trampled beneath and her labour will vanish in a split second.

And just like Job,Dear Creator

I repent in dust and ashes,

Make my days fulfilling,

Remember no more my folly

Bless my days and horizon,

Command my morning and set my Dawn to fall on pleasant places for me.

May I part the earth,

Smiling within for I have acknowledged your awesomeness,and splendour and returning to you fulfilled.

You are eternally indescribable,

You are amazing God.


© 2020 Jane Adaeze