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Look Again at My Poems

These lines are adorable, poetry is a way to express emotions, and feelings in words.

Look Again at My Poems


Look Again at My Poems

Musavir Abbas

Where do your remembrances come from?

Like the volcano of the soul

In front of thousands of searchers

Every destination from there

It was meaningless my life

Let me see it clearly

Consistent with our instability

If it becomes a storm from here

Surprisingly, he gave relief to heart

Where are you with every passion language?

My heart aches

They heard that he reside in my chest

Find my destiny from many

But the same fatwa of the heart from the statement

There are still confusing interpretations

The fact that every moment from here

Look again at my poems

The subjects of Sufism from that statement

Your caste, O Vishma, is faithful

Someone bigger than them, someone from the world


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