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Listen Maybe

Listen Maybe

Listen Maybe

Well, I understand you may have other options

But my aim is not sending you away

I need to be near you most of the time

As we celebrate our anniversary

It have been a long journey

With bad and good things

But we are together because, we assumed the bad part

I needed to be where I am, but not without you

Words may not say it all

But your actions have spoken

From the first time I put my sight on you

The feeling is never the same

I understand I have done bad things

But for us to be together

We must learn the wisdom of compromise

It's always better to bend than to break

I have always prayed for God to keep you healthy

So that I can see that charming smile daily

That innocent look on your face

That sound of a bird

Its hard to imagine how the world will be without love

But it's impossible to imagine a world without you by my side

I don't mean to be perfect, but I love you the way you are

Take me for whom I am

© 2020 Ian Muiruri Wanyua

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