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I am a lecturer by profession and a poem writer at heart. I started writing since I was in high school, now, some of them turned into songs.

He's gone and I'm stuck here?

You're no longer here
But our memories are vividly clear
Those chuckles I missed to hear
Scent that makes me feel you're near

Tingling whisper of "I love you"
Depth of your hugs that I only knew
In your eyes where I am the view
I can't wait to tell "I love you too"

Dust filled my fingers
All I can see is you in the corners
Without you, this room is torture
Yet still want to linger

When can I paint the night white
How can I convince myself it's alright
I'm alone but not in my heart
For I know daylight comes after the twilight

Your hands that never let me go
Kiss as if there's no tomorrow
Stare that I want to throw myself into you
No goodbyes just all hello


© 2020 Bellie Grace Gomez

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