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Lines In The Snow

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Make The Time

What place to go

Things to accomplish

There are so many options

We can take the old stand

Then again we can change direction

What will our next experience be?

There is always a choice

We need to talk

Thinking and preparing for the next move

Can be the most exhilarating experience

What could be right

May not happen

Even the farthest thing from our mind may simply occur

We can fight it and struggle day to day

Keep looking for a better way

Problems just don't disappear

Everything looks different now

We don't need a lot of trouble

Waiting to push forward

By stepping up and wanting it really, really bad

Connecting with my own abilties

To handle any situation that arises

Complaining is not my style

I believe in myself

Knowing inside each thing I try

Is a job well done

Not necessarily done well

As my talent and skill vary

I still search to find my place

Creating as I move along

The same thing so many talented people have always done

Finding a way

Not putting off or giving up

Knuckling down when things get rough

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