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Limericks of Our Lives - Electric

In retirement I have a while, To pen Limericks by the pile, I hope I bring U pleasure, As I write at my leisure, And hope they bring a smile

Electrical Sockets Around the World

Electrical Sockets Around the World

Electr-ical-onical Fields are Separate Professions

Electrical and Electronic fields and terms are not the same

The Engineers and Technicians work in a different plane

Electrical deals with Electricity Conversion, Transmission

Electronic circuits do signal, data processing, control, manipulation

Electronics is an extension not a subset of Electrical's reign

Direct (battery) Current is termed DC

The Mains current is Alternating, it’s AC

CCF is Conventional Current Flow

Electron flow is the opposite, you know

These standard terms we currently use, you see

DC, it goes directly on its way

AC travels in alternating play

DC is one-way, that’s direct

AC is two-way, a change-round effect

Neither is better, both methods have their day

DCV is Direct Current Voltage when it’s around

ACV is Alternating Current Voltage, that’s sound

DC has two fixed poles, negative and positive

AC has varying poles, keeping things in perspective

Neither pole is absolute, only relative to the other or ground

A battery’s output is DC of course

Its stored energy is Electromotive Force

In short that’s EMF

But don’t hold your breath

A lonely battery is an open circuit, only a source

An alternator provides Electromotive Force

In motor vehicles, they are the AC source

Pre-1970, they used DC generators

With high maintenance brushes and commutators

The decision to replace them was easy, of course

Electricity Pylons

Electricity Pylons

Closed circuit current will flow out and return

It has a return path, and that’s what we learn

Open circuit current cannot exist

The open air is a very powerful resist

Short circuit current is very high and could burn

Closed circuits are not off, they’re on

In open circuits all current has gone

Closed circuits we use

Short circuits blow a fuse

Two out of three ain’t bad says the song

An EMF is a voltage that’s measured in Volts

High voltage can give a person significant jolts

It’s the current that kills and that’s Amps

If it goes through the heart causing cramps

So respect all your electr-ical-onical faults

A lethal deadly voltage can easily be as low

As 30VAC, 42VDC, so you know. . .

Be on your guard, no foolish acts

With the right conditions these are facts

Don’t be a dead statistic, use a knowledgeable Joe

Electricity can be lethal. Electricity can hurt, harm, burn, maim or even kill. You will hear it quoted often that, “It’s the current that kills and not the voltage”, and that is very true. However, there cannot be sufficient current through a human body without sufficient voltage. It is important to note that the word “sufficient” was used and that “significant” was not used because a “sufficient” deadly voltage can be quite low given the right circumstances or conditions. There are facts and figures published but a general rule of thumb is that 42.4V DC (sometimes quoted as 50V DC) or 30V AC can, but will not always, be lethal to young children, senior citizens and people not in the best of health. And even for healthy people, the surroundings or the environment and also physical conditions can matter significantly due to humidity or open cuts and grazes or fluids or oils on the skin and, of course, the path the current takes through the body organs. Respect all sources of electrical energy.

Electronic Circuit Boards with Components

Electronic Circuit Boards with Components

More Electr-ical-onical Theory

Electricity favors materials called conductors

Items made of these are well dispersed among us

Silver, Copper, Gold and Aluminum/Aluminium

Ranked 1st thru 4th, in their dominion

Even Water, plain H2O, a shock has brung us

What keeps us safe are materials called insulators

They ensure no electric shock will deactivate us

Glass, carbon, rubber, air,

Dry wood, dry paper, and plastic, their

Resistivity properties will not deflate us

Materials of semi-conductors are very useful too

Without them modern life wouldn’t exist and that’s true

Transistors, FPLAs, chips or ICs,

MPUs, CPUs, and components like these

Are part and parcel of everything modern that we do

Resistance to current is called a resistor

A capacity to store energy is called a capacitor

Palin English names components use

From LCD, LED, switch and fuse

An electromagnetic coil is called an inductor

Ohm’s Law is one of the rules

That’s taught in physics in schools

Its V-I-R-tues are such

That we can calculate how much

DC Current flows through resistors, it’s a tool

Handheld Test Multimeters

Handheld Test Multimeters

Kirchoff’s 1st law and how we will work it

Determines how current will flow in a circuit

The sum of the currents entering a junction

Equals the sum of the currents exiting it, the function

Of this law, is current values, we don’t knee-jerk it

Kirchoff’s 2nd law, it deals with volts

It helps technicians determine faults

The sum of all the p.ds around a circuit

Equals the emf, the source, so don’t shirk it

Energy is conserved in circuits like in vaults

WIVes or WAVy navy are formulas we use

To determine the current that will flow in a fuse

The current equals Watts over Volts

Incorrect protection causes fires and faults

The value obtained is the trip level we must choose

Modern buildings, of course, don’t rely on fuses

GFCI or ELCB devices are what we must chooses

But first I’ll say, let me strike a chord

They’re installed already in the mains distribution board

So don’t fret the protection when contemplating your muses

Tesla, Edison, Thevenin and many more

Historically experimented or discovered a rule or law

Watt, Wheatstone, Volta (not Voltaire)

Faraday, Marconi, Ohm and Ampere

Parameters are famous names that we now ignore

Sinewaves and Microwaves oscillate across the nation

From odd-shaped antennas, it’s called propagation

The frequency spectrum is jam-packed, but here’s the thing

Electromagnetic waves are communication’s bling

Without them, no smartphones, no social media, no elation

© 2020 Stive Smyth

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