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Limericks of Our Lives – COV-ID19

In retirement I have a while, To pen Limericks by the pile, I hope I bring U pleasure, As I write at my leisure, And hope they bring a smile


New Kid in Town

The new kid in town is COV-ID19

The latest corona virus to hit the scene

It’s not alive, not a living organism

But it has put an end to all the tourism

To defeat it we gotta keep very clean

Because it’s not living, not alive

It can’t be killed but it can only thrive

In cold places, damp and dark

So let’s go, get on your mark

For dry, warm, bright environments let’s strive

COVID19 is a single strand of RNA not DNA

But I’ve heard different, I can hear you say

Its outer protective layer is lipid (fat)

So the key to erasing it, we know, is that

We can dissolve it, deactivate it, wash it away

It decays on its own if we leave it alone

But disintegration time depends on the zone

Temperature, humidity and material type where it lies

Will greatly affect the time it takes till it dies

So read the guidelines, you’re not on your own

The virus cannot get through your healthy skin

To harm you it must find a body orifice to get in

Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth

Or your healthy appearance might go south

A more than normal wash routine you must get in

If absorbed by cells in your eyes mouth or nose

It will mutate and will change the cells’ genetic code

It converts them into aggressor and multiplier cells

So you follow all guidelines that medical staff tells

Then any damage from the virus can be hopefully slowed

The virus is very fragile, the lipid (fat) outer layer quite thin

So any soap or detergent’s the best remedy therein

Because lots of foam will cut the fat

You must make lots and lots of foam so that

Rubbing for 20 seconds or more, the dreaded virus shouldn’t win

When we dissolve the outer layer of lipid (fat)

The protein molecule disperses by itself, that’s a fact

Warmer water makes more foam

So let’s get the message home

You gotta wash more than before and that’s that

For those who enjoy a tipple

Say no more it gets on my nipple

Your spirits and vodka are only 40% proof

So there’s no need to get angry and jump off the roof

They’re not anti-virus, not even a small ripple

For any alcohol mixture to be effective anti-virus

Must be high content alcohol, in fact it’s desirous

That the mixture in question be minimum 65% proof

If you’ve got it, please don’t flaunt it, and don’t goof

Use it sensibly to sanitize your hands and inspire us

When washing your hands and clothes

It will be rather helpful if you knows

Water temperature 25 degrees Celsius plus

Though not essential is really helpful thus

It helps give the virus its final life throes

Using 1 part bleach and 5 parts water

When mixed together this solution really oughta

Dissolve virus protein, break it down from inside

It’s somewhat quite effective, there’s nowhere to hide

Makes the place pure and clean for your son or daughter


Bacteri Bellum et Derma Pax

COVID19 is not a living organism like bacteria

To disable it we must call upon different criteria

We cannot kill that which isn’t alive

But to deactivate it we most certainly must strive

We must cut through all the hype and hysteria

A bactericide is not helpful so don’t waste your money

Antibiotics can’t disable it but what is a little funny

In crises like these experiments abound

Experimenting doctors have discovered and found

Antibiotics boost immune systems just like when it’s sunny

Wash everything in sight but don’t bother doing dusting

Never shake clothing, sheets or cloth and don’t go busting

Your guts, using the vacuum cleaner because, you’ll see,

That virus molecules in the air floating around and free

Can be potent for 3 hours so cleaning routines need adjusting

‘Tis better, to wipe dust up, with a warm damp cloth

Than to scatter it with a duster, you are really better off

Any virus molecules in the dust may be glued and inert

Don’t disturb ‘em, don’t scatter ‘em, you don’t wanna get hurt

Wash hands ‘n’ cloth, in sink, down the drain, that’s the payoff

The virus molecules are inert and will disintegrate after only some hours

The length of time that it takes varies between around 3 and 72 hours

On porous materials and on fabric they remain for about 3 hours

On copper, with natural antiseptic properties, the length of time is 4 hours

On wood, which removes molecules’ moisture, keeps it trapped, again 4 hours

On other materials, disintegration times will be longer

When dealing with these, willpower must be stronger

On cardboard you will find that it’s 24 hours

On other metals, not copper, it can be 42 hours

On plastics, for 72 hours hours, the virus will throng there

Wash your hands after touching mucosa

It is sad but never been more seriosa

Wash again after touching door knobs, food packets, and door locks

Wash again after touching computers, TVs, cell phones, watches, and clocks

With soap and detergents you'll ne'er e'er be more closer

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Washing hands very often can crack the skin when it dries

Virus molecules may hide in the micro cracks

Stay safe by knowing all of these hacks

For your family’s sake be a champion if only in their eyes

Ventilate ventilate ventilate ventilate

Even if your home feels like a wind tunnel of late

In confined spaces virus concentration can be high

So thin it out, reduce it, possibly eliminate it, by

Open doors and windows, front and rear, step up to the plate

In 1918 the world saw another virus, Spanish Flu

To beat it, they followed guidelines, just like we do

There are so many that it really isn’t fun

But they found, if you can sit, alone in the sun

Healing time is improved, but don’t know why, haven’t a clue

“Viral Load” has started an online debate

Some say illness severity depends on the state

Of the virus amount that is in your blood

The first time you’re infected, it is understood

That this will affect all patients’ survival rate

There is online disagreement about “viral load”

Emerging research is in a different mode

It seems load relationship with infection severity

Though they don’t yet state it with absolute temerity

May be really more complex than at first showed

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2020 Stive Smyth

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