Limericks of Our Lives

Updated on November 18, 2019
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In retirement I have a while, To pen Limericks by the pile, I hope I bring U pleasure, As I write at my leisure, And hope they bring a smile

In the Beginning...

I penned my first limerick on Facebook with the intention of making a repeating scientific joke more interesting. It was well received so I decided to try my hand at more and they are included in this article. I intend to write yet more limericks in the future and perhaps I can follow in the footsteps of the great limerick writer Edward Lear? We never really know our future path.

Mad Scientist, Dead Scientist

Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist

Scientist Limerick I

A chemist that you knew,

Drank H2O with you,

But when his friend died,

We laughed and then cried,

He'd asked for H2O too.

(An explanation is in the 'And Finally' paragraph below).

Same Scientist, Different Verses

Mad Scientist II
Mad Scientist II


It is quite easy to play with the wording, either from memory or from researching rhyming words for a new, related limerick.

A chemist dressed in blue,

Drank H20, it's true,

But he felt really sad,

Because his friend had,

Requested H20 too.

To put it into a third different version with a similar meaning but a different slant...

A chemist said adieu,

To his friend who dressed in blue,

When he realized he'd died,

He cried and he cried,

For his friend who'd said "H20 too".

(An explanation is in the 'And Finally' paragraph below).

Back to Basics

Whilst pondering a topic for a new limerick I thought about the limerick itself...

A limerick is slick,

It's said and done real quick,

Five lines, a few rhymes,

It dances and chimes,

Round my mind, when something goes click

Technology, technology, there's nothing like an 'ology

Modern technology, or tech as the hip folk call it, begs for rhyming descriptions...

When we discuss technology,

And the speed of its chronology,

We know without doubt,

That the smart kids stand out,

The reason, perhaps, is phrenology

It I Only Had the Time....

I have the time to pen limericks, perhaps a poem or two and maybe some articles, due to my recent retirement. I intend to do something fruitful with my life.

Retirement is neat,

It can be Oh so sweet,

It can also be sad,

When friends that we had,

Say "Get out from under my feet"

I could perhaps start a small business, finances allowing, or become a writer of articles and poetry or a blogger. I am not yet settled into retirement despite some interests and hobbies.

Retirement is cool,

Relax, chill out, no duels,

But they've put me out to pasture,

It really feels disaster,

I've so much left to give, you fools.

More Random Thoughts

In my industrial years I was an Electronics or Systems engineer and worked mainly in Metrology (not meteorology) and I can see that the Hubpages spell checker has not heard of the word. So, a little 'related' ditty...

An engineer once said to me,

That when I am rich, I will be free,

But work for yourself,

'Tis better for your health,

But he didn't tell to me his secret recipe.

I twisted my ankle quite severely due to a mishap on the stairs to my apartment. It seems that we get to be somewhat complacent about some simple things in life, after we retire. Aha! Another topic for a limerick...

I twisted my right ankle,

Thankful it's not a cankle,

The pain was extreme,

Yet I did not scream,

And still, even now, it does rankle.

The fact that I was immobilized with my leg elevated created the conditions for acute gout to develop and set in. The resultant swelling was huge and took several weeks to subside and is not yet 100% back to normal...

I sit alone in my room,

'Midst the doom and the gloom,

Through my window, paradise,

It really does look nice,

I'm hoping I'll be part of it real soon.

And Finally...

And finally, at least for this article, I will leave you with a final thought...

They're my limericks you see,

But I want you to feel free,

To comment and complain,

All over and again,

And then you'll make me feel happy.

And now for the postscript for anybody who didn't understand the joke behind the scientist and the H2O. It is a play on words such that "H2O too" sounds like H2O2 which is not nice to drink.

And finally, finally. I sit here tweaking and pondering and re-tweaking. "Will you ever be satisfied?", I ask myself. Heck yes I reply. Soon, or later, or... Just click publish!

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      • Stive Smyth profile imageAUTHOR

        Stive Smyth 

        6 months ago from Philippines

        Thank you Linda. I am glad that you were entertained by my musings.

      • AliciaC profile image

        Linda Crampton 

        6 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

        This is an entertaining article, Stive. Thanks for sharing the limericks and your thoughts.

      • Stive Smyth profile imageAUTHOR

        Stive Smyth 

        6 months ago from Philippines

        Hi John. Many thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed reading your Limericks too. I'm still not fully settled into retirement yet but the writing does keep me off the streets. The farternity seem to be a friendly and helpful bunch of souls.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        6 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Stive, first, thank you for the follow. I really enjoyed these limericks. Very intelligent and funny. Edward Lear would be proud. I have written a few limerick hubs as well including "Lessons for Life Through Limericks." What better way to spend your retirement than writing, it's what I turned to after leaving my regular employment as well. I can also relate to gout..been there done that, hopefully not again.

      • Stive Smyth profile imageAUTHOR

        Stive Smyth 

        7 months ago from Philippines

        Thank you Ailee16

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        Nice one

      • Stive Smyth profile imageAUTHOR

        Stive Smyth 

        7 months ago from Philippines

        Adnan, Many thanks for your good wishes. I'm glad that you enjoyed them and that I could make someone happy for a while.

      • HexAegon profile image


        7 months ago from Earth, Universe

        Ha ha ha ...nice one ...I really enjoyed reading these clever limericks ....nice write...welcome to hubpages and thanks for sharing....!


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