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Limerick Poems

A language trainer & a passionate learner, eager to learn from everyone around. "Language is a form of river that doesn't have any boundary"


Mosquito & the Housefly

The Mosquito said to the haughty housefly,
"So dirty you are with such a filthy supply!"
The latter coldly replied,
"Don't ignore the other side,
I get all the delicacies even before you apply!"

Heavy Crown

The luxurious vanity van broke down,
Enraging the princess amidst the town,
She looked around,
In order to find,
Anyone who could hold her royal crown.


I waited eagerly for the results,
Impatient to handle the insults,
Then I escaped out,
Listening to a shout,
Before getting punished by adults.

Change of Perceptions

Perception changes with circumstances,
And with the layers of life's experiences,
Propelling one to change one's mindset,
At the passage of each and every moment.

Exploring the Past Baggage

A purse was stolen years back,
It's searched today on the track,
No one knows the reason,
For such an exploration,
Except for the one who is little crack.

© 2022 Anupam Mitu

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