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Like the Stars in the Universe


A Poem about Love

How do the stars emit light in the universe?

How do the meteors collide with the moon?

Maybe it's all intuition!

Like in his eyes,

The stars didn't refuse to shine.

They radiate a winsome smile on his face.

Maybe it's just a startling spark.

Or is it a real imagination?

Perhaps it takes space exploration,

It takes miles to reach someone's world.

It takes away the debris of any worse,

To meet that someone halfway.

He is the shooting star among the many stars.

An enchanting guy from everyone else.

He captivated my heart, wishing;

I will never get tired of admiring Him.

One day, our stars will form into constellations.

Not an astronomical object,

Not real stars around the moon.

Our hand held the stars,

Whilst staring upon that evening sky.

By and by we hold each other's hand.

© 2022 Sheen Lor Bermudez

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