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Like a Toy Soldier Wound up for Fight: A Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


It's often a bad sign when people defend themselves against charges which haven't been made.

-- Christopher Hitchens

Scary is the world in big eyes of a child

with some shadows lurking from the night

his young imagination being merciless and wild

creating a future "toy soldier" all wound up for fight.

So he takes it with him into years to come

still wound up to charge against his many foes

in that battlefield of shadows that's somewhat dumb

with his hand glued to his mind's sword, instead of a rose.

Futile is his hope to defeat the hostile dude

because he keeps coming in so many faces

all created eagerly by his ever fighting mood

jumping out of pretty much impossible places.

Out of sheer playfulness my keen eye observes

people and their games going on around me

so I see this massive parading of nerves

not just by a soldier, but a whole army,

Despite all the frequent announcements of war

by miracle their uniforms stayed without a hole

but panic of defense goes on more and more

keeping their fighting as the permanent goal.

So I'm asking myself, just like so frequently I do

what would befall them if they would just unwind

why they need an enemy I don't really have a clue

instead of allowing themselves some peace of mind.

For old age must come to all of us here

so, what will the "veteran" have to report

but wasting his most years in a fighting gear

and feeling regretful -- most likely silly of a sort.

© 2022 Val Karas