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Like a Paperback Novel

Poetry that comes from the writer's heart of things she has seen or come to know about, sharing what that heart has learned.


TO All My HubPage Friends and Followers

Dear Friends,

I am putting back poems (and maybe articles) long removed to hopefully benefit a granddaughter who has never read them. (Maybe two.)

I will not take comments since so many of you have read them all over the years. Maybe you would like to read them again or see if there are any you missed but regardless I felt I needed to explain the no comments. I am also not sure I would be able to respond which would not be fair of me.

I have missed you all and so sorry I have had no time to visit in so many months. I have been through quite a few health crisis's and still recovering, with hopes I can get back at least part time one day, or at least come to visit one at a time as often as I can.

HubPages has been a wonderful experience for me and the writing has not only been so much fun, but very healing. I think many of us can make that claim. I recommend it to many.

I hope and pray for a full recovery in the near future and just want you to know I remember and think about you all. Love to you all!


Just Like A Paperback Novel

You think I do not know you and all your

many thoughts that do not include me.

I must look a complete fool to you, thinking

all your secret feelings that I cannot see.

I know you like a book I have read

so very many times, I know every single line.

Blocking from my heart all the miseries,

savoring only pages when you were mine.

So many short stories I held in my heart

with hopes of a good ending at last.

I would never skip a page, no not one,

nor would I ever read too very fast.

I linger over all the good parts, as they were

like a child with a sweet candy cane.

Trying only for the joy I could find so seldom

and ignoring what I could of the pain.

In the Beginning


Who can say where it went wrong?

But I know it was not a tale I ever wanted.

I tried to change the ending so very many times

while the others kept you haunted.

You determined long ago to be the star,

only you mattered in this, our book.

Where fantasies were only for you

I would be slammed shut and utterly shook.

If I could have added all the pictures I had

maybe you could have seen the same as me.

But your imagination did not include this one

not in one paragraph or chapter, could I see.

The book we know was all about you and the

ending finally would leave me so all alone.

With not even memories of times that should

have been special, yet now are simply gone.

Dreams or Nightmares?


You think I do not know it has been over

and your wandering mind still holds another there?

When the only one who should be all you wanted

is continually overlooked; without one care.

I have read you many times, studied you well.

I truly know there can be no happy ending.

You prefer a ghost of someone you think you

wanted, with your wishes always pending.

I should not let the ending destroy my own wish

and dreams of what might have been.

It is all I have had while loving you,

watching you have a love you have never seen.



Now we near the end of our story,

where happy ever after should have been written.

All your memories are of someone you never knew

a sad fairy tale of someone once smitten.

It isn’t even tragic enough to be Romeo and Juliet

for that would have taken feelings you so lack.

That story for you and me might have been true,

but surely only with that dagger in my back.

My one regret with all the times I read this book

to never have had a corner dog ear bend.

All I have now is a sorrow that I did not rip

out all the pages, to write my very own before the end.

The Ending


Or Paperback Novel

Poetry Ideas

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