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Like a Living Dead

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She has been known to be a workaholic by her

Husband and when he talks to her to reduce her work

She would not listen to him. One day, when her husband

Says again that she is stressing herself too much and would

Not want her to continue like that, that he will take a step to ensure

That she limits her activities at home because he does not want to

Lose her now. She replied her husband that it is when she does that

That she will die early. Why would that be? Her husband asks looking

Curious. Then she replied her that what he has not known about her family

She will tell him that day. My parents gave birth to four children as I know

You know. Two females and two males. However, when we were young, our

Father was not up and doing, he was not fulfilling his financial responsibilities

At home, it was not that he was jobless, for he has a good job and in fact

Earning more than our mother, but his focus has been people outside and he

Drinks a lot. Because of this our mother was the one who was responsible for

Our upbringing, she is the one paying our tuition fees and most of other

Things at home she is the one who was responsible for them all. Some times

During our childhood days and we could not fathom why our father is doing what

He is doing, not mindful of how we eat, school and other things, we spoke with

Our mother that she should consider divorcing him as the adage says that if one cannot

Go forward at least one should know how to move back. But our mother responded

That what we said is not an option, because when she introduced our father unto her

Parents during their courtship days, what they told her was that she should consider the

Step she wants to take very well, because after being married to him, there is nothing

Like going back they will not welcome her to come back to them and say she does

Not like him again, or that our father is doing something she does not like.

Because of her parents utterance she cannot divorce him, she will keep on enduring her

MAJOR. - Why I Love You

Marriage. And she encouraged us to be enduring too, that whatever we need we

Should not hesitate to ask from her. She would add that what she is doing for us is

Ensuring that we be independent in the future and would not be looking to anyone

Before we can do things for ourselves and our children. For assuming she is

Depending on her husband, things would have gotten worse than this. As from that day,

We understood better why she takes us through some hard things, and would emphasize

We do some things ourselves. Through that we get ourselves involved in so many

Activities at home and outside to support our mother. It was while we were engaging

Ourselves in some outside works that my brother heard of a word from a man which the

Man claims is in the bible, that, but she that liveth in pleasure is dead while

She liveth. As from the time that my brother heard this he has been using this slang

“A Living Dead” for our father. And when we want to talk about him without him

Knowing that is what we shall be using. So being up and doing has been

Part of my life and if anyone wishes to change that now, that means that person

Is sending me to an early grave and I know you will not want that to happen to

Your lovely wife, she says to him. The husband replies that he understands

What she has said, but would still wish that she reduces her stress, because stress

Is an enemy of the body and has been reported as one of the factors for high

Blood pressure in the society. You know the numbers of people who die of

High blood Pressure yearly because they are either not aware of it, or becomes

Away when they may have been knocked down by its deleterious effects on their

Bodies, I would not want that for you, that is why I want you to be taken time

Off your duties, relax, let your heart be at rest and watch others do things for you.

She agrees and decides to adjust her ways of life.


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