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Like Me (not like me)

He said he loved God too
Felt humble needed grace
He lights candles for peace
A cross lies soft on his chest

He said black lives matter
He can’t sleep at night
He’s tired of being woke
He’s afraid for his children

He’s like me
He’s not like me
We need a bridge
He crossed his long ago
Why can’t I cross mine?

I am a human too
I can’t change the past
Neither can the angels
Only a heart that’s willing

We can’t change everybody
So let’s change ourselves
We laughed about life
Then he said goodbye

He’s like me
He’s not like me
I need a bridge
Whose side is he on now
Which side did he cross?

It’s easy for me to say
Come together, love one another
Is it real, is it real
Only when he says so
Until then he’s black
And I’m white

He’s like me
He’s not like me
His pride built a bridge
Mine was water underneath
Jesus said I love both of you

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