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Like Lightening, He Emerges

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She has been devastated and shattered, she has lost all hopes, she is not sure that there is

Anything called future again. She has become a shadow of herself, she is like a living corpse

On the streets, sometimes she considers herself a ghost because life has not smiled on her.

On countless numbers of occasions have she tried to make things right, but every steps she

Has taken has been wrong steps and she has no idea of what is called right steps again. She

Is psychologically down, and what she daily wishes for is death. She did go against her

Parents teachings on many occasions by attempting suicide, but for a reason or another

She still finds herself breathing, and when she has been successfully rescued she will cry

And cry asking for why she should be rescued. Then she was told that the clime where she

Lives in is different from other climes where lives of people are not valued. She hoped

She would have been living in those places where lives of humans, animals and things are

Not valued, but she cannot in anyway rewind what has been ordained, she cannot wind back

The hands of the clocks. She has been given birth there, brought up there, and for crying

Out loud, she has no one in those lands where lives of beings are not valued. One day,

Something comes over her as she sees from the social media how the people of those climes

Where lives have not been valued are being treated, beaten, bruised, killed, living without

Social amenities, then she thinks of how they could be surviving in those areas, for living in

Such areas is like living in hell fire. Though how the hell fire looks like no one knows, but

What those people are passing through are better imagined than experienced, it is terrible

Sight to behold. She has no one in those places, maybe she would have migrated there to

Enhance her suicidal, but since she has none there, she accepts her fate and continues where

RICHLIN - Love Like Thunder (feat. Ryan Stevenson) [Official Music Video]

She lives at, where the head has created one to live in, that is where one would live in.

Then like as the lightning (that) cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west

He appears, the awareness he creates shows he is a person of many aspects, mountains and

Valleys, crooked and rough paths on many occasions, with fewer plain paths, because of

This he has learnt so many lessons, known many things, thus, superior to many people yet

Despite those ugly pasts he still finds a spot in his life to love, he is yet not treating people

Like things as some people are. Then he comes across her, and decides to get close to

Her but because she is tired of living, she does not want to be close to him, yet he would not

Give up on her as he keeps trying for he knows that a person who will climb a steep mountain

Would work hard. Then he dug out her file and saw some of the things she has passed

Through this knowledge more than even took him close to her, for he knows that her

Loneliness could be cured by genuine love. When she sees how diligent, straightforward

He is been with her, she decides to remove some of the shield covering her, she decides

To give him a trial, as she opens the door for him to enter her life’s secret places, then as she

Did this, she started noticing some changes in her. Her thought about ugly world, her

Hopelessness was been removed, and she discovers that with him she is seeing hope in

The world. what she has not found for years, she started finding now. Then she knows when

One finds real person whom one can call hers’, a person who would help one in times of

Troubles, trials, and afflictions, one would not lose hope in the world, one would always

See the brighter side of life. She bounces back to normal life, and what has been impossible

In her life becomes possible. Then she knows that love is pivotal to anyone’s success in the

World, really if one can give all that one has to love, it worth it…

Bible Quotation

Matthew 24:27


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